Face AR SDK Release

Face AR SDK v1.9.0: Improved Rendering and New Effects Player API

The new version of Banuba Face AR SDK is easier to work with and offers a better image quality. Read on for details.

The latest update is already available for iOS, Android, and Web. Unity and Desktop are coming soon. As usual, there are also bugfixes and technical improvements “under the hood.”

Improved rendering for headwear and rings

The developers have thoroughly improved several aspects of the image rendering:

  • Lighting interaction
  • Opacity
  • Shadows
  • Color correction
  • Specularity
  • Etc.

As a result, the virtual items look more natural.

Transmissive materials in GLTF files

Transmissive materials process lighting interactions like transparency and subsurface scattering. Face AR SDK now supports them.

Earlobe detection

In the previous versions, we have fitted the virtual earrings according to the mesh based on the entire face. Now we detect ears separately  for more precision.

Skin smoothing & facial feature editing in Unity

The realistic skin smoothing effect is coming to Unity. It removes skin imperfections while preserving the natural texture. 

Facial feature editing (face morphing) is changing the size and shape of various elements of the face. It will soon be available for Unity, with convenient sliders for each of the parameters (distance between eyebrows, eye size, chin length, etc.).

New effects player API

We have released a more convenient effects player API for iOS, Android, and Web. It’s is easier to work with, and it contains far more options. 

The old API will still be supported for some time, but is considered deprecated.

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