Face AR SDK Release

Face AR SDK v0.26: Virtual Hair Color Try On & Lipstick Gloss Texture

Cosmetic brands can integrate realistic hair color simulator, allowing consumers to find their perfect match or experiment with their looks using a mobile camera.

Face AR SDK v0.26

The Face AR 0.26.0 release advances our Beauty AR SDK with more powerful virtual makeup and AR hair color try on features. It includes new gloss texture for lipstick and improved virtual hair color try on with faster strands recoloring.

Gloss Texture For Lips Recoloring

lips gloss facear 26 release

We've added a gloss texture to virtual lipstick try on software that now mirrors the light when the user moves with the head.

Realistic makeup representation is crucial to virtual makeovers. Beauty AR SDK makes it possible to display all lipstick shades — from matte to glossy.

You can create custom lip looks for virtual makeup white label apps or augmented reality kiosks. The technology is now been tested by one of the leading cosmetics brands and we hope to share the case study soon.


Virtual Hair Color Try-On

hair recolor 26 releaseHair recoloring with Easysnap: Selfie Photo Editor App by Banuba

The Face AR 0.26.0 release brings an enhanced virtual hair color try on featuring more accurate hair segmentation and improved hair texture coloring. The hair detection neural network now recognizes hair ends and strands near the face more accurately with different lighting conditions.

Realistic hair color simulators are going popular within recent years since L'Oreal introduced this innovative feature back in 2018. The technology behind AR hair color software has done a major boost giving people more opportunities to recolor hair virtually. 

We've been working on developing the hair strands coloring which enables you to apply multiple hair color simultaneously. The feature can be useful for hair salons, beauty professionals or cosmetics brands to improve customer service and sales. Brands and developers can integrate AR hair color feature into their beauty apps allowing consumers to take videos or photos and share on social networks. 

hair strands FaceAR 26 releaseHair recoloring by Banuba Beauty AR SDK


Action Units from ARKit

We integrated Action Units from ARKit into Face AR SDK which enables more accurate facial expressions in avatars. You can apply blendshapes to animate 3D emojis, or full-face AR masks in iOS apps.

Other improvements 

  • x86 support for Windows

  • Improve Unity sample effects

  • Bokeh effect improved 

  • Enable beauty by default in sample effects -

  • Improved acne and bags removal performance 

  • Lazy textures load

See Release History and full list of updates and fixes for more details.

Banuba Face AR SDK includes several components, i.e. Face Filters SDK, Beauty AR SDK, and Avatars . You can use each component separately to build a standalone augmented reality app or integrate it into your existing app.

Explore how our Face AR SDK can help you to empower your app with some amazing features that your users will love.

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