Virtual Makeup White Label App

Allow your customers to try on makeup products virtually in app or with an in-store virtual mirror kiosk

Try all makeup features exclusive to the Easysnap app

Сustom branded AR makeup app

78% of millennial and Gen Z women surveyed say they would be more likely to purchase makeup products if they could try them on virtually. Our new white label offering could potentially help beauty brands increase revenue significantly.

  • Help customers try on makeup virtually before buying with in-store live mirror
  • Save on testers. Show the whole catalog in minutes
  • Let your beauty products tell the story
  • Embrace digital transformation with a unique personalized beauty solution

Beauty AR experiences designed for your users


  • Skin

    Whiten skin tone or give it a tan. Smooth skin making it look perfect. Remove acne and blemishes.

  • Face

    Slim down the cheeks for a perfect oval, improve face symmetry, make nose look thinner.

  • Light (coming soon)

    Adjust lighting and improve colors.

  • Teeth whitening

    Whiten teeth for a perfect smile.

  • Eyebrows (coming soon)

    Reshape and recolor eyebrows.

  • Lips (coming soon)

    Enlarge lips or change their shape. Apply virtual lipstick.

  • Hair

    Change hair color in real-time. Apply hair color highlights in photos. Add volume.

  • Eyes

    Change the user’s eye color. Add expressive eyes effect. Eyebrows reshape, eye coloring.


  • Foundation (coming soon)

  • Eyelashes

  • Eyeliner

  • Lipstick

  • Eyeshadow

  • Blusher

  • Highlighter

  • Contouring

How it works

  • 1

    You send requirements for custom branding

  • 2

    We build a custom version of our beauty AR app 'EasySnap'

  • 3

    We configure portrait and makeup tools, design custom assets

  • 4

    We help with publishing in App Stores or setting-up in stores

  • 5

    Let your customers experiment with new looks and increase revenue


Realistic representation

Provide an easy representation of your products right on customers without in-store hassles. By integrating our custom branded beauty AR app, your products will look realistic and ‘tasty’. Factors such as product lighting and textures ideally match reality


Face tracking

Our AI algorithms detect face and its parts – lips, eyes, or hair. Paired with augmented reality, the technology allows for real-time face modification e.g. change the color of the eyes, hair or apply makeup.


Why Easysnap White Label

  • The most versatile beauty AR features in one app which can be customized to your specific needs

  • Powerful beautification to maximize natural beauty and make virtual product testing enjoyable

  • We support dynamic lighting adaption and varied textures delivering a true-to-life product representation

  • Broadest device reach which covers 97% of all iOS devices and 80% of all Android ones

  • Retain your mobile customers with great and solid mobile-first experience

  • Fidelity for different skin tones and lighting conditions

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Contact Us

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