AI Recommender System

AI Recommender System

Analyze user behavior and personalize experience for each individual.

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How AI Recommendation System Works

How AI Recommendation System Works

  • The system gathers user data depending on the use case (purchases, pages viewed, ads clicked on, etc.)
  • The data is processed using techniques like contextual bandits and non-negative factorization
  • The user is shown recommendations and the system learns whether the suggestions work

Use cases

AI Recommender System from Banuba has a variety of applications.

  • eCommerce

    Monitor your customers' preferences and show them the products they are most likely to buy.

  • Advertising

    Track how well each viewer responds to different ads and show the ones that will get clicked on more often.

  • Content

    Click-worthy recommendations for social media, news sites, meme pages, and more.

  • Live streaming

    Suggest videos that the viewers will like and increase engagement.

Appearance-Based Recommendations

Appearance-Based Recommendations

Use camera to analyze each individual's appearance and recommend products they would love. This system can work with dataset-based analytics.

  • In the case of makeup, clothing, or accessories, you can use appearance-based recommendations. The AI will analyze the person's looks and suggest the products that will fit them the most.

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