Product Recommendation Engine

Product Recommendation Engine

An AI that analyzes a person's face in real time and suggests products that will fit perfectly.

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Advantages of Banuba AI Recommender

Advantages of Banuba AI Recommender

  • Appearance-based recommendations provide new upselling and cross-selling options
  • Higher conversion rate thanks to perfectly fitting products
  • Increased LTV thanks to amazing user experience
  • A unique offering that you can't get anywhere else
  • Accessible on mobile, desktop, in-browser
  • Secure by design, as no user data is collected or stored
  • Rapid integration allowing you to get ROI faster
  • Attentive support and a dedicated account manager to answer your questions

AI Product Recommendation

An advanced AI can determine the perfect products based on dozens of parameters: face shape, skin tone, eye color, etc. Even a new user will get the best experience, no previous data is needed.


Accurate and reliable recommendations of products that will fit each individual based on their unique appearance. Works for lipstick, eyeshadows, blushes, eyebrow pencils and many more categories and promotes cross-selling cosmetics.


By analyzing the person's color profile and facial features, the product recommendation engine can determine which glasses and sunglasses would be the best to enhance the user's natural beauty.


The system supports any items, from t-shirts and pants to scarves and shawls. Depending on what you have in your store, the AI will choose the goods that will fit and won't be returned.

Why Use Banuba Recommendation Engine

Increase sales

Personalized recommendations lead to more purchases.

Decrease returns

Products that fit and are enjoyable are less likely to be refunded.

Enjoy flexibility

AI recommender available as part of a virtual try-on platform or separately.

Quick returns

The system is easy to integrate, so it starts paying for itself soon.

  • Yes, this is also an option. The camera-based recommendations AI can work in tandem with a dataset-based AI recommender system to make further suggestions based on the customers's behavior patterns.

  • AI can apply virtual makeup and serve as your personal stylist. Thanks to the latest technological advancements, it is able to analyze a person's color profile, determine their skin condition, and suggest products that would enhance their natural beauty. AI makeup recommendations are a new technology but an important addition to any online cosmetics store.

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