Video Editor SDK/API for Live Streaming App Development

Video Editor SDK/API for Live Streaming App Development

Attract and retain users with stunning effects and robust video editing. Integrate it all within a few hours.

Ready-Made Editing and Effects Suite for Live and Prerecorded Video

Augmented reality filters and content creation toolkit are a must-have in modern video streaming app development. They allow users to express their creativity and engage viewers in both live and on-demand format. With Banuba Face AR SDK and Video Editor SDK you can get all these features and slash the time-to-market by up to 50%.

Beauty filters

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Let your users negate camera distortions, alleviate camera anxiety, and highlight their natural looks with just a couple of clicks.

Teeth whitening

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Make people’s smiles brighter while retaining the realistic look and texture of the teeth.

Trigger-based filters

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Launch dynamic effects with a gesture or a facial expression.

  • Realistic try-on
  • Morphing effects
  • Animal and famous character filters
  • Animated backgrounds
  • 2D/3D stickers applied to the face
  • 3D animation

Facial feature editing

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Modify shape and size of the face and its individual elements for cosmetic or comical effect.

Closed captions

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Generate subtitles with AI speech-to-text, or enter them manually. 

Virtual backgrounds

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Replace the person’s surroundings with a still image, GIF, video, or 3D environment – no green screen required.
Rapid integration

Rapid integration

Speed up your live streaming app development with low-code integration of both SDKs – go to market up to 50% faster!

More than video streaming app development

  • Photo/Video editors

    Quickly deliver a dedicated content creation app with premade modules.

  • eCommerce

    Showcase products and create visually impressive explainer videos.

  • Social media

    Unleash your users’ creativity and keep them engaged for longer.

  • eLearning

    Give educators the tools they need to make effective microlearning content.

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