AI Face Analyzer

AI Face Analyzer

Improve sales and impress your customers with ultra-personalized recommendations.



Virtual makeup try-on platform: 

  • Patented face tracking technology with 3.308 vertices – more precise than landmark-based tracking
  • Real-looking products on all skin colors
  • Several products try-on
  • Advanced AI recommendations to increase sales and decrease returns
  • Available on web, mobile, and in-store devices – accessible anywhere
  • 22.000+ digitized products included
  • New collections can be added in under 48 hours
  • Can be integrated with your website in 2 weeks

AI Face Shape Scanner

TINT has an inbuilt AI face shape detector. It locates facial features and analyzes them separately and as a group to recommend the best beauty products for each individual user. This level of personalization increases customer experience and customer loyalty.

Face Shape Detector

A face shape scanner is a tool that precisely detects the size and shape of the face and builds a virtual mask based on it. This allows to make solid product recommendations, as well as to accurately place virtual cosmetics.

Seasonal Color Analysis

Seasonal color analysis helps form the most suitable color palette for each person with 80%+ accuracy. It can be done automatically based on the user’s picture instead of using a survey.

Personalized Recommendations

The detailed information from SCA and AI face analysis lets TINT recommend products that people would love and thus boost conversions and decrease returns. Even if the person doesn’t know what would fit them, the software will make sure they will be shown the products that are guaranteed to look good on them.

AI Face and Seasonal Color Analysis

  1. Determine the general palette through facial analysis: skin tone, eye color, hair/eyebrow color.
  2. Work out the warmth/coolness ratio: more yellow means warmer, more blue means cooler.
  3. Analyze the brightness/darkness ratio.
  4. Show the results: summer, winter, spring, autumn with 80%+ accuracy.

Why Makeup Virtual Try-On from Banuba

Raise conversions

Attractive product looks and easy purchasing process

Decrease returns

People who get exactly what they tried on will keep their purchases

Fast rollout

A dedicated team will ensure everything goes smoothly

Lifelong support

Free updates and upgrades for as long as you remain with us

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