Photo Background Remover SDK

Photo Background Remover SDK

Give your users the ultimate photo editing experience with AI image background remover from Banuba.

Image background remover API

Not everyone has a green screen or the skills to cut out the people and replace the background with a different image. Banuba’s technology lets these users do it with a push of a button. Thanks to precise detection algorithms and mature neural networks, the modified image looks realistic and impressive.

Optimized Technology

Banuba’s photo background remover performs well on both low- and high-end devices. It is fast, reliable, and doesn’t overheat the smartphone or consume too much battery power.

Increased engagement

A background image remover is crucial for modern photo and video editing applications. It expands the range of content creation tools available. This directly leads to more user-generated content and user engagement.

Expanded features

Banuba’s solution offers more than just background replacement. With over 40 effects, advanced touch-up, and captions, this is a full-fledged enhancement suite. The value for money is far greater than expected.

Technical requirements

Banuba Photo Editor SDK runs on iOS and Android.

  • iOS

    iOS 14+
    iPhone 6s+
    Swift 5.9+
    Xcode 15.0+

  • Android

    Kotlin 1.4+/Java 1.8+
    Android OS 6.0+ with Camera 2 API
    OpenGL ES 3.0 (3.1 for Neural networks on GPU)

Why Banuba?

Why Banuba?

  • No green screen required
  • Precise face and body detection
  • 35 high-quality backgrounds included
  • 7+ years on the Augmented Reality market
  • Trusted by global enterprise partners including Gucci, and Samsung
  • In-house R&D department with Ph.D. level staff
  • Reliable and responsive support
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