Photo Editor SDK

Banuba Photo Editor SDK Release

Banuba presents Photo Editor SDK – a ready-to-integrate solution for apps that require portrait editing and retouch. Discover our newest product release and its key features.


We are thrilled to announce the release of our brand new product, Banuba Photo Editor SDK. It adds a new use case to our offering and has value-adding synergy with other Banuba SDKs. This software development kit offers a ready-to-integrate photo editor for your apps. Powered by AI and pre-filled with multiple features for retouching and editing, it provides users with an immense amount of opportunities to beautify portrait images, apply makeup, replace background, add filters and after effects.

How it works

Once integrated, Banuba Photo Editor SDK becomes an all-in-one tool for editing user’s images. The AI detects a face in the uploaded photo, unlocking all of the editor features.

Who is it for?

Photo Editor SDK lets app developers quickly integrate engagement-boosting features. This makes it an ideal solution for businesses that want to decrease their time-to-market, increase the amount of user-generated content, and prolong session time.

Photo Editor SDK is a natural fit for several industries:

  • Social media
  • Photo/video editing apps
  • Travel/lifestyle apps
  • Dating
  • eCommerce

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The Photo Editor allows users to refine and perfect their portrait images. Once the AI detects a face in the photo, the Retouch section will become available for use.

This feature set includes a lot of advanced functionalities:

  • Auto. Using proprietary AI analysis, the SDK applies all the retouch effects to the image, attempting to emphasize the person’s natural beauty. The user can then adjust the intensity of each effect as they see fit.
  • Bright. Increases skin brightness to negate camera distortion or low lighting.
  • Smooth. Smoothes the skin, removes wrinkles and blemishes.
  • Eyes. Makes eyes larger and more expressive.
  • Nose. Makes nose smaller and cuter.
  • Shape. Decreases the size of the facial oval.
  • Whiten. Whitens teeth, making the smile irresistible.
  • Lip size. Makes lips larger and more sensual.



The tools in this section are adjustable via a slider ranging from 0 to 100%. Depending on the intensity set on the slider, a label appears next to the value at the bottom of the preview, marking the image No Filter, Soft, Moderate or Supreme. A Reset button is available to reverse all changes made in this section.


Similar to Banuba’s TINT, the virtual try-on engine, Banuba Photo Editor SDK allows users to apply makeup to a person in a photo. This feature is available for pictures in which a face is detected.

Makeup items come in 4 separate categories: 

  • Eye makeup
  • Lips
  • Hair
  • Eye color

With over 35 options available for each category, except for Eye Color which has 14 swatches, users can assemble multiple variants of makeup to suit their preferences.


This section contains Banuba’s renowned visual effects that let users create stunning shareable photos.

  • Backdrop. Cuts out everything but the people and replaces it with one of the 35 premade high-quality backgrounds.
  • Color filters (LUTs). Color correction for the entire picture. Includes both classic (sepia, clarendon, black-and-white) and rarer filters – over 40 in total.
  • Overlays. Stickers and pictures placed over the image for additional virality and fun.


Another feature of Banuba Photo Editor SDK is the ability to add custom text on top of the photo. Text can be re-edited after it’s added. Options to scale and rotate text freely, as well as change the text’s color are available. Any added text can be removed with the help of the corresponding button.


Every action can be undone and redone with the help of corresponding buttons, and the Before/After preview is available at any moment of editing. Images can be saved to device storage and shared to social media.

How to integrate

Fill out the form to receive a unique trial token and integration instructions. Photo Editor SDK only takes a few lines of code to integrate, so even programming newbies can handle it. See the integration sample for details.

The free trial period lasts for 14 days and lets you test all the features with no further limitations.

Technical requirements:


iOS 14+
iPhone 6s+
Swift 5.9+
Xcode 15.0+


Kotlin 1.4+/Java 1.8+
Android OS 6.0+ with Camera 2 API
OpenGL ES 3.0 (3.1 for Neural networks on GPU)

Power Your App With Photo Editor SDK  Start Free Trial