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Banuba’s virtual try-on platform offers free product digitization for all customers who join until the end of June 2024. The exact number of SKUs depends on the chosen pricing plan.

Most virtual try-on solutions charge their customers for digitization of products. The total costs can reach tens of thousands of dollars in the case of larger retailers with many SKUs that need to be added. TINT breaks the mold and offers all new customers free AR (augmented reality) copies of their stock – depending on the pricing plan. At the moment, this only applies to cosmetics. 


On average, it takes under 24 hours to digitize a new collection. Thanks to free and quick addition of SKUs, customers will be able to start getting returns faster, and get more total value from using TINT.

Our goal is to grow conversions and improve personalization rather than earn from making digital copies of products, said Anton Liskevich, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder at Banuba.

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Digitization requires only the list of your items in the format shown below.


For faster results, you can also provide the following information:

  • Pictures of models with the items applied
  • Product combinations: lipstick X + eyeshadow N +... = look< name> (you can add more later)
  • Photos of the models for each makeup combination

TINT boasts an impressive feature set:

    • Cutting-edge recommendations AI that shows customers products, guaranteed to fit them.
    • Ultra-realistic product representation. The items interact with a person on the screen just like real makeup would interact with human skin and react to light.
    • Cross-platform– accessible on web, desktop, mobile, and even in-store smart mirrors.
    • Many product categories: makeup, eyewear, headwear, bracelets, jewelry, and more.
    • Rapid integration, that takes under 2 weeks on average.
    • Over 22000 SKUs already digitized.
    • Tangible benefits, up to 200% better online sales and up to 60% lower product returns.

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Free Makeup Digitization  Reserve now