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Banuba Brings Virtual Try On To Sitecore Enabling Targeted Shopping With Augmented Reality
November 22, 2019

Our Face AR SDK integrated to Sitecore enables the virtual try-on mirror that displays products in augmented reality and tracks en...  

Virtual Try-on
Virtual Hair Makeover Software To Nail Your Perfect Color in Seconds
April 23, 2019

Women had been waiting for a long time to have these questions asked until virtual hair makeover software made it possible to chan...  

Virtual Try-on
Virtual Try On & Why Brands Need To Be Investing In It
February 12, 2019

For over a century now, Red Wing Boots has been crafting what many consider to be the world’s premier work boot. They’re loved, ch...  

The Future Of eCommerce Is Closer Than You Think
January 22, 2019

The year was 1998. A young baby-faced twenty-four-year-old entrepreneur by the name of Tony Hsieh sold his internet advertising st...  


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