Case Study

Virtual Try-On by Banuba Helps Beauty Brand Earn $900,000 in 4 Hours

How Banuba’s virtual try-on enabled Boca Rosa to hold a massively successful pre-launch event.



  • Boca Rosa is a Brazilian beauty startup;
  • It held a pre-launch event where products were available for virtual try-on through TINT;
  • The event earned over $900,000, with 1.1M viewers, 1.7M+ try-on sessions, and 64 413 items sold.


Boca Rosa is a new beauty brand founded by Bianca Andrade – a popular Brazilian influencer, actress, and businesswoman. As the cosmetics industry is highly competitive, Boca Rosa needed all the advantages it could to make an impression on the customers. So the founder decided to integrate virtual try-on (VTO) for the improved user experience and wow-effect. TINT virtual try-on solution was the most fitting platform for that.


Boca Rosa intended to hold a pre-launch event to showcase their products, receive user feedback, and start getting ROI. It was hosted by Ms. Andrade herself and included cosmetics demonstrations, educational materials, make-up artists presence, and more. For starters, the brand had only a limited product line:

  • Foundation stick
  • Powder
  • Multipurpose sticks (blush/eyeshadow/lipstick)

However, all of them had a virtual try-on feature provided by TINT. 

TINT offers realistic products in many categories as well:

These items can be tried on separately or as a complete look. Moreover, TINT includes an advanced recommendations AI, suggesting specific items that will complement the appearance of each individual. 

Additional-img-Boca RosaBoca Rosa try-on interface


Boca Rosa management team had options, but ended up choosing TINT for a number of reasons:

  • Agility of international teams to support local strategy
  • Quality and realism of virtual make-up 
  • Ability to support thousands of VTO users simultaneously

"The Virtual Try-on was very successful to help users to choose their best foundation color among the 50 options available for Brazilian diversity of skin tones. As results, we achieved great conversions and amazing feedback on social media!" - Ian Borges, CEO of metaKosmos, tech partner responsible for Boca Rosa VTO launch in Brazil


The 4-hour pre-launch event was a massive success for Boca Rosa. The results speak for themselves:

  • 5M Brazilian Reais (ca. $900,000) in revenue, with the first 1M Reais earned in 10 minutes;
  • 64 413 items sold, with some shades of the foundation getting sold out in 20 minutes;
  • Virtual try-on was launched almost 145,000 times and had more than 1.7M  sessions (one user applying one product) in total;
  • The add-to-cart rate reached 18% with the industry average being 3%.

Now the brand is gearing towards the full-fledged launch, and virtual try-on will a core component of their marketing strategy.

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