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How Banuba Virtual Makeup Try-On Helped Niche Beauty Brand Get 50K Downloads

Learn how we helped Looké, a leading niche beauty brand in Indonesia, power its app with AR virtual try-on feature to increase user engagement, boost in-app sessions, and grow purchases.

Virtual Makeup Try-On Looke case study

Key takeaways

  • Looké is a boutique cosmetics company from Indonesia
  • It used Banuba's virtual try-on for its mobile app
  • The new technology helped make the brand more visible and brought it 50.000+ downloads in just a few months

Guided Virtual Try-On

The case of Looké is an example of a "classic" virtual cosmetics try-on, where a user can choose a product or a set of them and see how they look on their face. However, since then, the technology made a step forward, towards a Guided Virtual Try-On (GVTO) model. It uses an AI to analyze the person's facial features, skin tone, hair/eye color, etc. to recommend the most fitting cosmetics and their combination for each individual. 

In addition, it offers a combination of eCommerce features that make purchasing faster and thus raises the average order value.

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About Looké

Looké is a niche beauty brand, specializing in halal, vegan, and cruelty-free cosmetics. It is a part of AVO - a technology and beauty agency based in Indonesia.

The company wanted to acquire new customers, stay ahead of the competition, and capitalize on the latest makeup trends of using AR in the beauty industry.

So, they decided to launch a virtual makeup try-on app.

Looke-results-ai-video-editorLooké Results | AI Video Editor


Looké had in-house mobile developers which allowed them to build an AR-powered app from scratch.

However, here are several reasons why they decided to go for a premade beauty AR SDK:

  • Time. AR in the beauty industry remains a complex technology. Building everything from the ground up would have taken months or even years. With a premade SDK, Looké was able to add the virtual try-on functionality in a few weeks.
  • Costs.  Directly related to the previous point, developing advanced features on their own would’ve cost too much. Buying an existing product was a cheaper option.
  • Feature set. The SDK that Looké could buy would be far richer in features and better optimized than any comparable solution they could build themselves.  

Of all the AR solution companies, they chose Banuba.

FaceAR SDK simplifies the development of our Try-On feature big time. This feature keeps us just 10 cm apart from our customers at all times.

Puja Wardani, Associate Vice President.

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The core features of the application now include:

  • Virtual try-on. The brand’s entire product line is available to be tried in-app. This includes any foundation, eye shadow, mascara, lip gloss, and more.
  • Where to buy.  A user could get info on where to buy the product that they liked.
  • Gamification. Increasing engagement by rewarding certain actions (inviting friends, completely filling out the profile, etc.).
  • Reviews. Letting users share their opinion about specific cosmetics or read the testimonials of other people.
  • Recommendations. The app offers a suggesting feature that matches fitting products to the user profile.

As the world evolves with digital natives, we realize that the future of beauty is in our hands, in our mobile devices.

Nurtaqi Irzalia, Brand Director, Looké Cosmetics.

The Looké app allows potential customers to virtually test anything in the brand’s product line.

The try-on happens in real-time but the user can take pictures and easily share them on social media or messengers.

looke_5Looké Beauty App


The beauty AR app became a success.

It gained over 55.000 installs with most users giving it a 5-star rating on Google Play.

The virtual try-on functionality increased user engagement and boosted in-app sessions and purchases.



Virtual makeup try-on software gained prominence because of its efficiency.

Fortunately, with the latest advancements in augmented reality, it can be added to any app quickly and at a reasonable price. It works with any skin tone and adapts to lighting to ensure lifelike product representation.

Feel free to check out the Beauty AR - it might be just what you need to kickstart your business.

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