Virtual Try-on

Banuba Brings Virtual Try On To Sitecore Enabling Targeted Shopping With Augmented Reality

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Our Face AR SDK integrated to Sitecore enables the virtual try-on mirror that displays products in augmented reality and tracks engagement in Sitecore. Consumers can enjoy realistic try on experience, shop faster and with confidence. Brands can increase sales by targeting consumers based on their usage analytics sent to Sitecore.

The solution has been developed in partnership with Brimit who demoed it on the Sitecore Symposium 2019 in Orlando. Read on to learn how business can apply the Sitecore virtual try-on mirror and the benefits it brings both to retailers and consumers.

What is Sitecore?

Sitecore is a web content management and digital experience platform used by retailers globally to create seamless, personalised digital experiences.

It provides marketers and business with powerful analytics, tracking, personalization and content optimization tools. Moreover, it continuously learns from every interaction to help retailers know customers before, during and after the purchase - in real-time across every channel.

How Face AR technology empowers Sitecore

With the continued adoption of augmented reality among retailers, the line between digital and physical shopping is increasingly blurred. AR technology is great as consumers can virtually “try on” products without visiting stores. The technology is promising, however, it still exists in a vacuum for many retailers.


The indirect factors like impressions on social networks, the number of downloads make it hard to calculate the RIO generated with AR solutions. The lack of in-depth engagement analytics creates a gap between marketing and sales.


The Face AR technology integrated with Sitecore addresses these challenges enabling cross-channel realistic try-on experience for consumers and effective engagement analytics data for sales and marketing. It can be used for generating new customers, re-targeting, up-selling, and sending traffic to brick-and-mortar shops or online stores.

Virtual try on with Sitecore

 sitecore virtual try on banuba Sitecore and Face AR Technology implementation scheme. Source:

Our Face AR SDK enables cross-platform virtual try on experiences for facewear including eyewear (glasses and sunglasses), headwear like hats, hairstyles, accessories like earrings, necklaces, jewelry try on and makeup try on.

Offline use case: In-store Try On Mirror

37% of in-store fashion buyers in the U.S./UK expect a smart mirror being available in clothes shops according to GlobalWebIndex report. Due to its novelty, ease of use and interactive experience, AR mirrors are second to none when it comes to in-store engagement.

Once the visitor tries on a product, a new session is created which collects the usage analytics to attach to the Sitecore contact including the item, the try-on session duration, number of items viewed and other data.

By scanning a QR code shoppers can add the model to a cart on a website. The unique URL loads all the analytics data from the Sitecore contact profile and merges it with the actual customer profile after his registration for completing the order.

Online use case: Web AR Try On

  • AR content is 2.6 times more engaging than static 2D imagery and 2.1 times more engaging than video

  • 78% of respondents would rather interact with AR than watch a 30-second video according to Vertebrae's research.

Integrated on a website, the Web AR try on tool allows for AR content be viewed and shared through mobile and desktop web browsers, allowing for a frictionless shopping experience. Users can simply click on a link to open a page in their browser or press the “Try On” button on the product page, activate their web camera and try on items virtually.

Business value

sitecore try on mirror scan code

  • Sales. Virtual try on increases the time consumers spend with a brand – on mobile and online – and spark impromptu purchases.

  • Competition. The novel virtual product experiences enabled with the Face AR platform help brands to stand out and stay competitive.

  • Awareness. It inspires users to generate and share their own content, allowing brands to reach new audiences organically.

  • GenZ. The novelty of AR technology, its accessibility on mobile and the selfie-focused camera experience helps brands to engage “digitally native” GenZ consumers and convert them at a higher rate.  

  • Personalization and analytics. Sitecore integration empowers multiple scenarios for engaging customers and increasing sales providing in-depth analytics. It bridges the gap between AR marketing and sales. 

Audience response at the Sitecore Symposium

Our partner Brimit attended the Sitecore Symposium with a demo of the virtual try-on mirror, which elicited a great response from the public. Implemented with a TV screen and HD webcam, it overlapped virtual glasses in real-time with different models to try - from realistic to fun. 

The demo was focused on the engagement side aiming to capture the visitor’s attention. Many visitors who are not into retail shared try on videos on social networks. Retailers and e-commerce businesses showed interest in exploring the potential of technology for marketing purposes.

Among the key features the attendees named:

  • fast and quality performance of virtual models.

  • high precision and accuracy

  • realistic glasses representation

Summing up

The real-time virtual try-on experience comes as part of a renewed focus for retailers on what’s tangible and emotional about shopping, an embracing of immersive retail experiences targeted to GenZ, and a reinvention of online-to-offline.

The Face AR technology integration with Sitecore unlocks great potential for large retailers and e-commerce providing brands with a powerful platform for direct consumer engagement, targeting and sales. 

Interested to discuss how Sitecore virtual try on can empower your brand? Contact us!