Video Editor SDK Release

Video Editor SDK v1.19: UI And Performance Improvements

The latest update doesn’t have any major new features. Instead, it focuses on quality of life, user interface changes, and performance optimization. They include rendering improvements, user flow changes, and other minor improvements.

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Font selection

The biggest change in the new release < Banuba Video Effects SDK is the ability to change the font for video captions. You can add a selection of different typefaces into your app and let the users choose the one they like the most. The previous version only allowed styling of the default one (bold, italics, etc.). This addition is a more flexible way to unleash the users’ creativity.

The font styling is still available in 1.19. However, it would be deprecated in 1.20 and the later versions.

Independent LUTs

Previously, if you wanted to use LUTs (“Instagram filters”) with Banuba Video Editor SDK, you had to license Face AR SDK as well. In the new version, these effects are implemented as a separate library, injected in VE SDK. This means you only need to subscribe to one product to use this feature.

Drafts starting screen

We have added another option of launching the SDK - from the Drafts screen. This might be useful if your app has a screen with all recorded video and wants to edit one.

Now you can choose between the camera, trimmer, and drafts - a new feature we implemented in version 1.0.17.


  • Improved thumbnail rendering speed on the trimmer, video editor, music editor, cover screens by a factor of three or four.
  • Icons in aspects previews can now be configured.
  • iOS app size decreased by 5 Mb.
  • Multiple bug fixes.

Don't hesitate to test our SDK and see all of this for yourself.

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