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6 Best Plastic Surgery Apps in 2024

The number of people going under the knife and using less invasive cosmetic procedures for the sake of beauty and youthfulness is growing. According to the analysis from Precedence Research, the global cosmetic surgery market will grow at a CAGR of 7.2% to reach nearly $140 billion in 2032. Generation X leads the age group of consumers, with Millennials and Gen Z not lagging behind. Virtual try-on solutions for plastic surgeons and cosmetic clinics are becoming a driving force that visualizes expected results, makes communication with potential patients more transparent, and helps handle objections. Keep reading to learn how integrating this technology can increase conversions by 300%.

Types of Plastic Surgery Apps 

All plastic surgery apps can be divided into the following types depending on the application area. 

Facial Features 

Compared to the pre-Covid period, the demand for face surgical procedures has grown by 19%. A plastic surgery app allows potential patients to visualize the potential results of a cosmetic procedure and demonstrate to the plastic surgeon or aesthetician the new look they expect to achieve. 

Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation is considered a minor invasive treatment, yet an oral consultation with a personal aesthetic expert can only offer vague promises. A visual representation can help alter lips' size, shape, and fullness on the screen, offering a client different options and adjustments to consider. 


Rhinoplasty ranks 4th among the most popular plastic surgeries. The technology allows surgeons to visualize how the altered nose will look by changing the width, length, and nose tip. 

Chin and Cheek Fillers and Implants 

Hyaluronic acid fillers injected into the face can change a person beyond recognition. The virtual try-on of cheek and chin fillers and implants can help avoid the pillow face outcome. 

Jawline Correction 

The area near the jaw and neck is one of the first areas to show age due to laxity. For this reason, many patients choose jaw reshape procedures over facelifts. Virtual jaw reshaping allows for the best results to be designed before surgical treatment. 

Eyebrow Lift 

Lifting and shaping the eyebrows can create a more youthful and refreshed look. Users can experiment with different eyebrow shapes and heights to see how they complement their facial features.

Multiple Procedures

Some solutions, like the AI Plastic Surgery Simulator from Banuba, offer a combination of cosmetic surgery procedures within one app, allowing plastic surgeons to stick to one software during a consultation.

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Breast Augmentation 

According to the board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Mofid, the tendency from the bigger is better is shifting toward natural-looking results. Breast augmentation is ranked 2d among the trendiest plastic surgery procedures.


Liposuction apps focus on simulating fat removal and body contouring procedures. Users can target specific areas of the body areas to see how liposuction would affect their overall body shape.

6 Best Plastic Surgery Apps Plastic Surgeons Trust 

The advanced imaging technology within plastic surgery apps allows any board-certified plastic surgeon to turn their first consultation into an interactive and engaging interaction with a patient. We've selected the best solution providers on the market. 

AI Plastic Surgery Simulator from Banuba 

Banuba has over eight years of augmented reality and computer vision expertise. Its patented face-tracking and recognition technology is powered by artificial intelligence. The AI Plastic Surgery Simulator operates on mobile devices, computers, and browsers, enhancing the image on low-resolution cameras. 

The app allows users interested in undergoing plastic surgery or cosmetic treatment to experiment with their appearance and set realistic expectations to discuss during their consultation with a surgeon. Prospective patients can apply the desired adjustments to their chin, lips, jaw, eyebrows, and nose and have multiple virtual procedures simultaneously. 

Users can use the main or front-facing camera to try various facial cosmetic surgery procedures in live mode. They can also upload photos to edit their facial features. Surgeons and clinics don't have to worry about patient safety, as Banuba doesn't store any personal data for its purposes. 

The app offers a user-friendly interface with sliders to control the reshaping and resizing. The AI Plastic Surgery Simulator from Banuba quickly integrates, offering branded customization and a personal manager. 

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AEDIT App is an excellent chance for potential patients to experiment with their photos and get a plastic surgery assessment and advice before breaking bad. The app is available on iPad Pro and iPhone, offering a pro version with more features. 

The free version offers four cosmetic surgery procedures with instant outcomes. The premium features cost $60 per month and grants access to existing and future procedures within the app. In addition to face morphing, users can research, review, and contact a desired plastic surgeon. The app also features a solution database with guides and advice for its users. 

The app claims to offer the expertise of a plastic surgeon to every user via scanning their face and neck and evaluating if they are in for a particular treatment. The algorithms assess the lips, the chin angle, the eyebrows, the nose width, and more. The app will suggest the corresponding cosmetic procedures for a new look based on the outcomes. 

TouchMD App 

TouchMD App is a dedicated consultation app for iPad and Windows touchscreen devices for plastic surgeons and aestheticians. The application is suitable for a small private practice as well as a large clinic. The technology serves as a doctor's presentation, where they can demonstrate their expertise through a portfolio and videos, upload patient photos, and edit them in real-time.

Doctors can draw and annotate the pictures, and the edited images can then be sent to the patient's profile in the related MyTouchMD application for a later review. Surgeons can draw the outcomes of any procedures — from rhinoplasty to breast augmentation and body liposuction, and create engaging before and after images.

In a nutshell, apps from TouchMD are marketing tools for a surgeon and patient communication throughout the treatment process, where the latter can store and access all the documents and receive helpful advice and guidance.

FaceTouchUp App 

FaceTouchUp Apps allows prospective patients to apply cosmetic procedures from rhinoplasty to breast augmentation via an easy-to-use desktop and mobile solution. Users can upload photos and edit them on the screen until they like the potential results they can get from plastic surgery. They can create a before-and-after comparison to communicate their desires in consultation with a surgeon. 

The intuitive interface ensures easy use by patients and staff without prior training. FaceTouchUp also provides desktop and mobile apps for surgeons to use in their private practice and clinics. A plastic surgeon can access the app directly from their official website without prior installation. 


Crisalix is a paid app that allows users to create 3D models of their body and face to apply the desired adjustments before plastic surgery. Starting from 24 euros, customers can upload three pictures and simulate the perfect image. The before-and-after feature allows for a comparison of the changes. 

If hesitant, users can find a Cristalix surgeon based on location and arrange a consultation to discuss their 3D model. Besides, there is an anonymous community that can evaluate and advise. 

AI Face Reshape Simulator

Virtual Plastic Surgery Simulator from Perfect Corp offers six digital face adjustments - lips, jaw, cheeks, chin, eyelids, nose, and eyebrows. The app is available on various platforms and mobile devices and can operate online and offline. 

The user-friendly interface with easy navigation is combined with seamless customer support to assist with any difficulties.  

Benefits of Integrating a Plastic Surgery App in the Cosmetic Procedures Market

The integration process of plastic surgery apps into surgeon's practice takes little to no time compared to the benefits it brings. With Banuba's AI Plastic Surgery Simulator, aestheticians can achieve the following results. 

Improved Patient Consultations

Plastic surgery apps allow surgeons and cosmetologists to provide more interactive and personalized consultations, placing patient safety first. During initial consultations, practitioners can use the app to visually demonstrate potential outcomes of various procedures, helping patients better understand their options and make informed decisions, eliminating possible fears and hesitations. 

Enhanced Patient Engagement

Integrating the app into the clinic's website or mobile devices can increase patient engagement. Patients can explore different cosmetic possibilities at their own convenience, which may encourage them to schedule consultations or follow-up appointments. The 18-34 age group shows more interest in plastic surgery than others and is more tech-savvy, expecting corresponding services from healthcare and beauty providers. Millennials and Gen Z are 71% more likely to stick to AR than other generations. 

Interactive Consultations

Use the app during consultations to provide interactive demonstrations of potential cosmetic procedures. Allow patients to visualize different procedure options and outcomes on images, not their body, addressing their concerns and building confidence in their decision to undergo surgery.

Virtual Try-Ons to Predict Cosmetic Procedure Outcomes 

By integrating the app into the clinic's website or mobile app, patients can virtually try on different cosmetic enhancements before committing to a procedure or even signing up for the consult. This not only helps patients visualize potential outcomes but also builds confidence and excitement about undergoing treatment. Besides, they can come to your practice with a precise image of what they expect from the surgery, not figuratively spell it out. 

Remote Treatment Planning

Surgeons and cosmetologists can use the app to collaborate with patients to develop personalized treatment plans right on the go during online consultations. Patients can experiment with different options and provide feedback, allowing a plastic surgeon to tailor treatments to their specific goals and preferences before the meeting. This option can benefit both parties as people tend to travel to a certain surgeon.

Marketing Tool

Integrating the technology into the clinic's marketing efforts can attract new patients and differentiate the practice from competitors. Promoting the app's features on social media, website banners, or online advertisements can generate interest and drive traffic to the clinic's website or mobile app. Empowering the process through technology and cutting-edge software, a

Time and Money Value 

Not every consultation with a person interested in plastic surgery turns them into a patient. Conducting all the meetings can be time and cost-inefficient for a board-certified plastic surgeon. Demonstrating the potential results of plastic surgery during the research stage or on the first tier of communication with a patient can eliminate the fears and turn them into less hesitant customers who will not waste precious time.

If you want people to talk about your clinic as an innovative provider of healthcare and beauty procedures, it's time to implement plastic surgery apps in your business development strategy.

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