Face AR SDK Release

Face AR SDK v1.10.0: New Face Morphs, Improved Action Units, and Teeth Segmentation

The last release of 2023 brings a host of impressive additions and upgrades, including expanded face morphing, massive improvements to action units, and accurate teeth segmentation. These additions are already available on Android and iOS, the rest of the versions are coming soon.

Dark circle removal

The new version of the SDK has the ability to remove the dark circles around the eyes while preserving natural skin texture. This shouldn’t be confused with eye bag removal – a different effect that is also available in Face AR SDK.


Expanded face morphing

We have added 9 new elements of the face that can be modified:

  • Eyes up
  • Eyes down
  • Lower eyelid
  • Nose up
  • Nose down
  • Sellion
  • Lips shape 
  • Jaw thinning
  • Chin size
  • Forehead size

imgonline-com-ua-2to1-7HzAUcKgkWxuMBefore and after all the new face morphing effects

Teeth segmentation

Starting from version 1.10.0, the SDK will be segmenting teeth separately from the lips. This will allow for more precise teeth whitening.

Action Units improvements

Action units feature received a lot of attention in this release. The main upgrades include:

    • Antijitter. Eliminates shaking of the 3D model
    • Faster reaction. The avatars are now much quicker to respond to the movements of the humans behind them
    • Smoother facial expressions. The models’ articulations became much more natural. They even copy separate movement of the eyebrows

Lips segmentation

The lips segmentation algorithms are now even more precise, especially, when the teeth are visible in the image. This will help improve the accuracy of virtual makeup placement, as well as other similar features.

Web AR changes

  • OpenCV SIMD instructions for Safari 16.4
  • Empty files unzip
  • useFutureInterpolate option
  • Crash during module loading in unsupported browser
  • Webcamera performance improved

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