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Face AR SDK v0.24: Glasses Detection

release 24

Our new Face AR SDK #0.24.0 release brings new features and fixes aimed to enhance and personalize face filter experience. You can use each Face AR component i.e. Face filters, Beautification, Avatar and Face analytics or even one feature separately to build a standalone augmented reality app or integrate it into your existing app.

Check new features and major improvements of our latest release or explore how Face AR SDK can empower your app.

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Glasses detection

People wearing glasses can’t enjoy all face filters to the fullest, especially those that feature virtual glasses. The augmented reality models overlay the real glasses, and the overall experience doesn’t look really appealing.

To address this small yet important issue, we trained the neural network to detect glasses on a user's face and added this feature to Face Filters SDK. Now, you can automatically turn off the virtual glasses in face filters when the user wears real glasses keeping the rest part of animation like AR background or beautification in place. 

glasses detection SDK demo

Other features

  • Improved stability (aka jittering). We’ve improved our face tracking technology reducing the jitter.


  • Video textures decoding on Android 10

  • Crash while going to background on iOS

  • Audio recording speed on Android

  • Lag during neural networks initialization

  • Various camera fixes for Android

You can check the full list of improvements and fixes in our Release Note history.

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