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Face Filters SDK

Real-time 3D masks and AR filters in your mobile app or website enabled with the industry’s best Face AR technologies.

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Don't just build an app, build an experience

Immerse your users with AR filters and masks enabled with Banuba's Face Filter SDK. Cross-platform, easily integrated, optimized for low-end devices — it maximizes your target audience reach and boosts your revenue.

  • Increase user engagement
  • Harness virality through user content
  • Inspire creativity in users
  • Drive traffic organically
  • Reach younger audiences
  • Extend session duration

The most versatile AR camera effects

  • Makeup
  • Multi-face Triggers
  • Virtual try on
  • Hair recoloring
  • Post processing
  • Game filters
  • Morphing
  • Life background
  • Frame
  • Beauty
  • Avatar
  • LUT
  • Makeup

    Allow users to try on lipstick, eyeshadows, foundation, eyeliner or wear pre-set makeup looks

  • Multi-face Triggers

    Create interactive filters with small AR scenarios enabled through user facial expressions

  • Virtual try on

    Let users wear jewelry, glasses, headwear, makeup, piercing virtually

  • Hair recoloring

    Let users change their hair and try on different colors

  • Post processing

    Apply AR effects and animations to pre-recorded videos and photos

  • Game filters

    Create face AR games where users control or call AR effects with triggers, taps or head turns

  • Morphing

    Change face proportions and parts, e.g. slim down or modify for fun masks

  • Life background

    Hide or replace the user background, add animations, blur, or studio lighting

  • Frame

    Make filters with moving, animated and transforming AR objects

  • Beauty

    Enhance selfie camera experience with face retouch and natural beautification

  • Avatar

    Transform users into 3D avatars and emojis that support facial expressions

  • LUT

    Design Instagram-like filters with real-time or offline color correction

Our technologies in your browser with just a camera
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Ultra-easy integration

Seamlessly integrate our technology into an existing application or use our code to bring a new vision to life. With FaceAR SDK easily integrating with third-party software, C++ libraries and mobile frameworks like Windows, Mac and Linux platforms...

integration options are practically endless.

import UIKit
import AVKit

import BanubaCore

class ViewController: UIViewController {
    var effectPlayer: EffectPlayer! = EffectPlayer()
    var effectPlayerView: EffectPlayerView!

    @IBOutlet weak var viewContainer: UIView!

    override func viewDidLoad() {

        // setup view
        self.effectPlayerView = EffectPlayerView()

        // setup player
        let basePath = Bundle.main.bundlePath
        let configuration = EffectPlayerConfinguration(
            paths: [basePath + "/effects"],
            cameraSize: CGSize(width: 720, height: 1280),
            screenSize: self.viewContainer.bounds.size,

        self.effectPlayer.setup(configuration: configuration)
        self.effectPlayer.setMaxFaces(count: 2)

        // start

    override func viewWillAppear(_ animated: Bool) {

    override func viewWillDisappear(_ animated: Bool) {

import com.banuba.sdk.manager.BanubaSdkManager;

public class MainActivity extends Activity {
    private BanubaSdkManager banubaSdk;

    public void onCreate(Bundle state) {

        banubaSdk = new BanubaSdkManager(this, Pair.create(720, 1280), this);

        final SurfaceView sv = findViewById(;

    protected void onPause() {

    protected void onResume() {

    protected void onStart() {

    protected void onDestroy() {

Technical Features

Our Face Filters SDK supports HTML5, iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and Unity platforms and runs on devices starting from iPhone 5s / Android 5.0 or higher with a 1280x720 camera (recommended) and min 30 FPS.


iPhone 5s or higher
Open GL ES 3.0
Objective C, Swift


Android 5.0 or higher with Camera 2 API.
Open GL ES 3.0 (3.1 for Neural networks on GPU)
Written on C++ with Java Interface for easy integration


Android 5.0 or higher with Camera 2 API.
Open GL ES 3.0 (3.1 for Neural networks on GPU)
Written on C++ with Java Interface for easy integration


What’s included in Face Filters SDK

  • Multi-face Tracking

    Face-tracking SDK packages with future updates and technology improvements coming for free.

  • Beautification

    Basic beautification features: Skin Smoothing, Skin tone correction, Eyes and teeth whitening, Face/lips’ shape correction, Face morphing.

  • SFX and Voice changer

    SFX support for sound effects and voice changer.

  • 3D Renderer

    Powerful rendering engine for face filters: 3d modeling & animation, Image-based lighting, Physically based rendering, Animation billboards, Morphing, Physics, High dynamic range imaging, Video textures, Multisample anti-aliasing, Sprite animation, LUT. post-processing.

  • Support & Consultancy

    Installation support and ongoing post-launch support on agreed terms.

  • Filter Editor + Scripting

    Scripting engine for interactive filters: triggers, filter scenario programming.

  • Sample Filters & Documentation

    You’ll have sample effects like 3D mask, background effect, beautification and action unit (emoji) which you can customize per your needs. Each use case is documented and include code samples.

Face Filters SDK use cases

  • Video/photo editors

  • Messaging & social networking

  • Dating apps

  • Karaoke & music apps

  • AR photobooths

  • AR video chat in games

  • Entertainment apps

  • Fashion & style apps

  • Advertising campaigns on web and mobile

Case studies

  • Teatime Games
  • Teatime Games

    AR video chat with Gamefaces

    • AR video chat with Gamefaces
    • Live video chat where users see each other playing
    • Users can browse AR masks (Gamefaces) to play and unlock them for game bonuses

Brands that trust Banuba

Why Banuba Face Filters SDK

  • Filter Editor & Previewer

    We ship our SDK with Filter Editor and Viewer tool, our proprietary engine. It allows designers to construct and test filters in real time before uploading them to live apps saving time to market and speeding up the effects' iteration.

  • Broadest device coverage

    Unlike ARKit or ARCore, we don’t limit your user outreach. Banuba Face Filters SDK device support starts with iPhone 5S, Android 5.0 with Camera 2 API and Open GL ES 3.0 which covers 97% of all iOS devices and 80% of all Android ones.

  • Industry's best face tracking

    You can create the most complex high-quality face filters like in Snapchat, and they will look realistic and vivid both in colors, texture, shape, and behavior due to our advanced 3D rendering engine.

  • Battery friendly

    Face Filter SDK is tuned specifically for mobile devices meaning we've optimized it for minimal power consumption, size and battery drain. It functions well on iPhone-Xs and $100-Androids, at low lighting, and with up to 70% occlusion.

  • Filter Library

    In case you want to quickly add AR content to your app or have no design resources, you can buy ready-made effects from our Filter Library - over 1000+ AR filters all tried and tested on real users.

  • Works offline

    Inspiration may strike when you least expect it (sometimes without a wifi connection anywhere close). Our Face Filter SDK is accessible, even offline with the processing made on the device.


  • What’s the cost of your SDK? What pricing models do you provide?

    We offer different license-based pricing models for our clients, e.g. monthly, quarterly or annual payment. As most clients need a specific set of features the cost varies depending on the client’s case. Please, get in touch with us to discuss your pricing.

  • Do you provide Unity support?

    Currently no, but Unity3D plugin is coming soon. Email us for inquiry at and we’ll keep you updated as soon as it’s released.

  • I need my branded filter. Can you design it?

    Yes, we have the in-house Art Team department who can provide custom filter design services.

  • Do you provide the trial period?

    Yes, before purchasing the license cost you have a 1-month free trial period to validate our SDK performance. To get your free trial period started we need to sign NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

  • Graphical technologies

    • 3d modelling & animation
    • Image-based lighting
    • Physically based rendering
    • Animation billboards
    • Morphing
    • Physics
    • High dynamic range imaging
    • Video textures
    • Multisample anti-aliasing
    • Sprite animation
    • LUT post-processing

  • Can you work with individual dev?

    Unfortunately, no. At this moment, Banuba is entitled to work with legal entities only.

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Wanna give our technologies a whirl?
  • It takes 7 min to install our SDK demo kit. Support documentation and guides provided!
  • Have other questions? Need more info or consultancy? Email us! We'd love to hear from you.

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