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6 Best Sports Highlight Video Editing Software

Sports highlight videos are becoming viral as bloggers, brands, sports centers, and professional clubs invest more funds into creating mature video content. It’s engaging and 72% of customers would rather watch a short highlighting video than see an image or read a text (Byteable).

If you want to launch your best sports highlight video editing software as a startup or target a new audience of sports bloggers, clubs, and centers, then competitor analysis is among the first initiatives your should undertake. It helps you to get answers to the questions like ‘what tools do they use’, ‘what features are must-have’, and ‘how to make your product a stand out’ filling it with features that users need the most.

For this reason, we’ll guide you through the 6 best video editing software for sports highlights that will help you know their features, benefits, and weaknesses to start a killer feature platform that users will love.

6 Best Sports Highlight Video Editing Software

#1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is among the industry-leading and best action sports video editing software for both businesses and individuals. Adopted by top Hollywood video makers, Adobe offers a one-fits-all suite for video editing which includes such features as:

  • Simultaneous projects (edit in parallel with cloud saving and no breaking)
  • Shared projects (give access to your sports highlight project to any individual)
  • Motion graphics templates (access ready-made design templates to save time and edit off-the-shelf modules)
  • VR video, audio editing, and rotate sphere (create and refine immersive virtual reality video content)
  • Effects, transitions, titling, and graphics
  • Adobe Cloud (save, manage, and access projects right in the built-in cloud)
  • Many others.


adobe-premiere-pro-Best-Sports-Highlight-Video-Editing-SoftwareAdobe Premiere Pro | Best Sports Highlight Video Editing Software

The solution supports Windows and macOS platforms and has high hardware requirements for both systems as the core drawback. Also, Adobe Premiere Pro offers a high learning curve which makes it a great solution for professionals only as beginners need much time to start leveraging all advanced features.

Among the core advanced functionalities, Adobe offers users the following functions:

  • Interpret footage (allows to loop footage, change frame rate and interpret alpha channels in motion graphics and video editing)
  • Auto color correction (the tool which automatically adjusts colors while exporting videos)
  • Comparison view (side-by-side, horizontal, and vertical views with shot matching while color correcting and grading)
  • Multi-camera sequence creation (sync up several videos and audio sources in a single sequence)
  • Auto reframe feature (default, slower, and faster motion modes help create multiple contents with auto reframe for social media and web platforms)
  • Adobe Dynamic Link (a real-time editing feature that connects composites between Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects).


One of the best sports highlight video editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro offers pricing plans for 4 target audiences:

  • Individuals ($20.99/mo)
  • Business ($19.99/mo)
  • Students & teachers ($29.99/mo)
  • Schools & universities ($14.99/mo).

#2. VideoProc

VideoProc is a one-stop video processing software for Mac and Windows that allows to processing of HD/4K HDR videos from iPhone, GoPro, DJI, and cameras. Powered with GPU acceleration that speeds up video encoding/decoding operations, the video editor also offers basic functionality like cutting, merging, cropping, subtitles, effects, rotation, video stabilizer, GIF maker, voice remover, etc.

Trusted by Macworld, Cult of Mac, Fix the Photo, and TechRadar, one of the best sports highlights video editing software offers 4 solutions out of the box:

  • Full-featured video editor
  • Video converter
  • Video compressor
  • Screen recorder.


VideoProc-Best-Sports-Highlight-Video-Editing-SoftwareVideoProc | Best Video Editing Software for Sports Highlights

As a killer feature, VideoProc offers a built-in media downloader engine that supports 1,000+ video content platforms like Dailymotion, Twitch, Instagram, SoundCloud, Facebook, YouTube, Vevo, etc.

More than that, the video editing software enables users to utilize 3 recording modes: desktop/iOS voiceover screen, webcam, and 2-in-1 option to get a picture-in-picture experience and save time.

Green screen recording with the chroma key is also a default VideoProc’s feature to add overlays, remove backgrounds, and build virtual trips for live recordings. The vendor powers the recording experience with utility tools like crop, draw, content highlight, adding text, voiceovers, images, arrows, and many others.

VideoProc’s media converters enable users to leverage video, audio, and DVD converter opportunities with multiple supported formats:

  • H264 to H265 (HEVC)
  • MKV to iPhone
  • GIF to MP4
  • AVI to YouTube
  • 3D to 2D
  • AAC, AC3, MP3, DTS, DTS-HD
  • Many others.


The pricing plans include 3 options: Premium 365, Lifetime, and Family Licenses.

Premium 365 includes up to 3 PCs, 1-year access, and 4K support, starting from $38.90. The lifetime plan includes only 1 PC, one-time payment, lifetime access, and new video/audio codec support. The Family License allows users to install the software on up to 5 PCs, get lifetime access, and all other features from Premium 365 and Lifetime plans.

All the plans provide a 30-day money-back guarantee to test the set of features from A to Z.

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#3. iMovie

iMovie is among the best sports highlight video editing software for macOS and iOS platforms for beginners. Since 2010, iMovie has held the #1 AppStore position in the video editing category offering individuals the most basic and easy-to-use features to create immersive video content.

The basic functionality of iMovie includes:

  • 4K resolution support
  • Multiple voiceovers
  • Tons of themes to adjust videos
  • Trimming clips
  • Multiple filters Comic, Blast, Blockbuster, Blue, Camo, Dreamy, B&W, etc)
  • Accelerate or slow down clips
  • Splitting
  • Text, GIF, music, and image overlays
  • Modifying transitions.


imovie-Best-Sports-Highlight-Video-Editing-SoftwareiMovie | Best Sports Highlight Video Editing Software

While creating sports highlight videos, iMovie offers lots of green-screen effects that help remove background and replace it with multiple static or dynamic effects that increase privacy and boost engagement.

Offering a single synchronized platform, the video editor enables users to export projects and content from iPhone to iPad and Mac devices through an Airdrop feature or iCloud Drive. This saves much time for users and lets them ensure the final content quality remains of the same high resolution.

With a diverse integration infrastructure, iMovie allows professionals to share their 4K or other sports highlight videos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, via messages, Mail, and many other platforms with single-click ease.

Recently, the platform has released a new feature called Storyboards which enables users to choose from 20 ready-made templates with interactive guidelines sorted by genres. They include cooking, product reviews, science experiments, sports highlight videos, and tons of step-by-step guides and examples on creating story structures similar to the chosen storyboard.

Since 2017, one of the best sports highlight video editing software is available for free on App Store for Mac, iPad, and iPhone devices.

#4. Hudl

Hudl is a first-of-a-kind professional video and analytics platform for sports teams, coaches, and clubs designed to elevate performance and streamline custom workflows. Trusted by 6M users and 200K teams, the system becomes one of the best video editing software for sports highlights.

Though designed for performance analysis, enhanced scouting, and recruiting, Hudl has it all to help you create sports highlights video reels to share on social media or use during the recruitment interview.

When starting their video content creation way with Hudl, users smoothly store all the footage in the cloud and can add video, music, title slides, photos, and more to polish their highlight reels.

Among the killer features, Hudl enables users to access a single cloud database of more than 100K of videos from over 600 competitions. Professionals just need to choose the preferred video and start highlighting it with built-in editing tools. Vice versa, once users finish their sports highlight video creation, they can either share it with other users and get tons of views or publish it on social media.

The platform now supports 64-bit processing, allowing users to script smoothly, interact faster, and integrate easily with multiple built-in and third-party tools.

The platform offers 3 pricing plans: bronze ($400/mo), silver ($1,000/mo), and gold ($1,600/mo). Due to its high price, Hudl is a great choice for individuals and sports brands that want to access tons of data, analyze specific performance metrics, and adopt built-in editing tools for specific needs.

#5. DaVinci Resolve

Since 2009, DaVinci Resolve by Black Magic Design has become one of the best video editing software for sports highlights for Hollywood professionals in post-production initiatives. Supporting Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms, the software offers 6 key modules:

  • Editing (responsive project libraries, professional trimming features, robust proxy editing, customizable effects and titles, subtitles, and closed captioning)
  • Cutting (source tape, source overwrite, audio trim view, smart reframe, multi-cam editing)
  • Coloring (HDR color wheels, custom curves, node-by-node editor, power windows, resolve FX features)
  • Fairlighting (professional ADR toolset, 2,000-track real-time mixer, elastic wave retiming, free sound library, fairlight FX, and plugins)
  • Fusioning (professional 3D workspace, 2D and 3D title animation, deep pixel compositing, virtual set extensions, body-by-node workflows)
  • Media & Delivery (automatic audio-video syncing, smart metadata management, multiple rendering options with remote access, diverse workflow plugins).


davinci-resolve-Best-Sports-Highlight-Video-Editing-SoftwareDaVinci Resolve | Best Action Sports Video Editing Software

Among the killer features, DaVinci Resolve offers users to leverage state-of-the-art deep neural networks and machine learning for face detection and recognition, automatic smart reframing, advanced up-scaling, auto color mather, and many others.

More than that, DaVinci Resolve Studio supports up to 120 frames per second, up to 32K resolution (unique), and advanced HDR delivery. Users can either upload and store their projects in BlackMagic Cloud or share them on YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, and other social media platforms with one click.

Apart from up to 100 GPU accelerated video and film effects, DaVinci Resolve offers high-end and editing-oriented hardware solutions: editor keyboards, color panels, and professional audio consoles.

One of the best action sports video editing software, DaVinci Resolve offers a free option with limited features and Studio - a paid pricing plan which charges $295 as a one-time payment.

#6. Filmora Wondershare

Filmora Wondershare is an industry-leading video editor software for creating immersive sports highlight videos trusted by over 85 million users worldwide. Designed for both professionals and businesses, Filmora supports Windows and macOS operating systems and offers a mature Wondershare Filmstock - cloud storage with millions of covered footage and ready-made projects.

The core go-to features and video editing tools of Filmora Wondershare include:

  • Picture in Picture and Split Screens
  • Green screen and AI portrait modes for replacing backgrounds with static and dynamic content
  • Auto reframe feature with multiple suggested ratios and motion speed values
  • Screen recorder for capturing online conferences, live streaming, product demos, etc.
  • Motion tracking for creating immersive object-oriented effects
  • Keyframing features that bring dynamism and energy to videos
  • Silence detection for highlighting dialogues’ volume over background music
  • Color correction helps to add a film look to video content and create 3D LUTs with ease
  • Auto video stabilization enables to eliminate any camera shaking for a smooth video experience.


filmora-Best-Sports-Highlight-Video-Editing-SoftwareFilmora Wondershare | Best Sports Highlight Video Editing Software

Recently, Filmora released a mature update that includes killer features that help the platform stand out from the competition:

  • Masking and blending - resourceful modes help add masing and blending features with ease.
  • Speed ramping - easy accelerating or decelerating videos to create cinematic effects
  • Auto beat-sync - advanced algorithms automatically match users’ footage with an overlaid music
  • Auto synchronization - never-seen-before effortless audio-video footage sync.


Apart from the core features, Filmora offers vast integrations with Unsplash, Pixabay, Giphy, Boris FX, Newblue FX, and Preset Templates. This helps users get access to over unlimited stocks of ready-made visuals and projects that simplify their video content creation processes.

The platform also allows users to share their sports highlights and reels to Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms, and convert 4K/HD content into AVI, VOB, MP4, WMV, 3GP, MKV, AVI, and many other formats.

How Video Editor SDK/API Help Save Up to 50% Development Costs

When it comes to starting your best action sports video editing software, budget constraints often come into play. The matter is that building a video editor platform from scratch is an effective yet time- and cost-consuming initiative which may take up to 12 months and over $100,000 for a full-featured product.

Here comes a premade video editing SDK or API that can help you accelerate the time-to-market period and save up to 50% of dev costs.

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For example, Banuba Video Editor SDK helped Weat, a video-native social commerce platform for cooking, save 50% of development costs. The client’s developers integrated our ready-made software development kit with multiple video editing features and just built additional unique features decreasing total costs.


“With Banuba Video Editor SDK we can cut our development effort in half so we can focus more on core business functionality.”

- Ash Zarif, CTO, Weat.


An SDK for creating sports highlight videos is a ready-made software kit that you can integrate into your project within a week or even hours. For instance, Banuba’s SDK provides basic features like trimming, basic audio editing, adding transition effects, video overlays, and making slideshows out-of-the-box.

This means you don’t need to develop such basic functionality by outsourcing or building your in-house team. In turn, you just need to create additional features you may need in the video creation.

A video editor API (application programming interface) is a similar solution to SDKs but It has fewer features and more flexibility with user interface modifications and others.

img-Banuba-Video-Editor-APIExamples of SDK and API Features | Banuba Video Editor

Why Banuba's SDK as the Best Sports Highlight Video Editing Software

Banuba Video Editor SDK is an efficient choice for making your product the best video editing software for sports highlights quickly and cost-effectively. The core features and benefits include:

  • 15+ video editing effects: camera roll, trimming, concatenation, timeline, slo-mo/rapid, stories or slideshow, 1280P video export, additional voice track recorder, GIF.
  • 10+ Face AR masks: realistic try-on, morphing effects, animal and famous character filters, animated backgrounds, 2D/3D face filters, 3D animation, trigger-based effects, etc.
  • 10+ camera capture features: zoom, timer, flash, front/rear camera switch, hands-free mode, and many others
  • 1000+ AR-powered effects and filters in the Asset Store
  • Cross-platform nature supporting iOS, Android, and mobile frameworks (React Native, Flutter, Native Script)
  • FullHD support
  • 14-day free trial to test all premium features from A to Z
  • Runs on devices starting from iPhone 5S and 80% of Androids.


Get Video Editor SDK for Your App  Get Free Trial

Wrapping Up

The current market offers multiple solutions to create immersive sports highlight videos that engage, promote, and sell products. They include industry-specific offerings, wide-purpose video editing tools, and one-fits-all software like Adobe Premiere Pro.

However, there is still a gap to enter the market with a killer feature platform that would become the best video editing software for sports highlights.

In case you have technical specialists onboard, Banuba Video Editor SDK is the way to save much time and costs and helps you launch a product fast and cost-effectively.

  • You can adopt Adobe Premiere Pro, VideoProc, Filmora Wondershare, Hudl, or iMovie video editing suites to start creating immersive and engaging sports highlight videos. Most of them are paid so you need to sign up and choose a suitable pricing plan. Once succeeded with the payment, you can either install a desktop version or proceed with a web platform version to create sports highlights.

  • The best apps to make a highlight video and reels include Adobe Premiere Pro, VideoProc, Filmora Wondershare, Hudl, and iMovie. They include both wide-purpose solutions like Adobe and industry-specific software like Hudl. So, choose the most suitable solution that meets your current needs and fits your budget constraints.

  • You can use Adobe Premiere Pro, VideoProc, Filmora Wondershare, Hudl, or iMovie to create highlight reels. The solutions differ in the specific functionality they offer. For example, Hudl is an industry-standard solution for creating sports highlights while Adobe Premiere Pro is a wide-purpose video editing platform that can also meet your needs.