Face AR SDK Release

Face AR SDK v1.13.0: Pupillary Distance, Biometric Match, and Prefabs

The latest release of Face AR SDK includes updates that benefit eyewear try-on, improve virtual makeup, and add a new use case.

Pupillary distance measurement

Version 1.13.0 can gauge the distance between the centers of the person’s pupils.


This feature works both in real-time and in post-processing of photos. Implementing it significantly boosts the accuracy of eyewear try-on, as it helps select the fitting size of the product.

Biometric match

Now Face AR SDK can compare two faces and decide whether they are the same. It can be used for biometric authentication or for fun – determining how much similarity is there between two users or between a person on a photo and a movie star, for example.

Nails and contacts prefabs

The prefabs technology allows developers to combine several effects in one and edit them together. Version 1.13.0 expanded this to include nails, nail textures, and colored contacts for more convenience.

GLTF 2.0 support

Face AR SDK supports a number of standard GLTF extensions: files with Draco compression, alternative methods for creating PBR materials, and expanded semitransparent material options. This leads to more realistic AR items, especially virtual makeup.

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