Face AR SDK Release

Face AR SDK v0.30: Virtual Backgrounds and Web AR in Unity

Happy anniversary, Banuba! Our Face AR SDK release history turns 30 bringing you amazing new features, important updates and tech improvements.

Face AR SDK v0.30

Explore our new features like virtual backgrounds and Web AR in Unity. Build ultimately lightweight Face AR apps with our new minimal SDK configuration lesser than 15 MB. Or check how to build AR video calls with our Banuba and Agora SDK integration example.

Real-time Background Subtraction in Unity

Our Face AR SDK for Unity now supports background segmentation feature, allowing you to replace backgrounds in real-time. The best part? The background changer is compatible with face filters and supports multi-face tracking. 

unity background subtraction banubaBackground subtraction in Unity Banuba Demo

Empower your face tracking apps and games with virtual backgrounds. Build immersive video chats, AR apps in Unity or even mixed reality projects with our background replacement feature.

Lear more details how our real-time background subtraction in Unity works and what apps you can build.

Web AR Unity 

All features of our Unity Face AR are now fully supported in Web AR for Chrome and Firefox. You can create web-based augmented reality apps and games with face filters that can run right in your browser. Welcome to test our Web demo and have some fun with Face AR technology.

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Minimal SDK configuration

We’ve been optimizing our Face AR SDK configuration to bring you a lightweight and easily integrated product. Our minimal SDK configuration is now less than 15Mb and includes AR features based on face tracking, i.e. face filters and facial animation effects.

Video call example iOS

Augmented reality video calls are going mainstream. As we'are seeing a growing demand among video conferencing apps and live streaming platforms for virtual background and face filter integration, we added an example of how to integrate Banuba SDK with to enable AR video calls.

Check the example on our GitHub.

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Other Fixes and Improvements

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