Face AR SDK Release

Face AR SDK v1.14.0: Improved Teeth Whitening, Gender Detection, 3D Avatars

The latest update for Face AR features a new teeth whitening algorithm, gender detection,  3D avatar improvements, and minor fixes.


Teeth shades for dental industry

The teeth whitening overlays in Face AR now feature a universal dental shade guide based on the tone standard in the dental industry. The update will benefit dental technicians and simplify their workflow, as now the overlay tones in AR are easily transferable to real-world dental applications, ensuring accurate and consistent results.

Teeth collage

This feature is available as an effect in Face AR SDK and works in photos. The higher the quality of your photo, the more accurately it works.


Gender Detection

The added neural network analyzes the landmarks on the user's face and tracks common traits of male and female looks, determining the gender of the person in the frame. 

The feature works for photos, as well as in real time with a camera. However, for the gender detector to function properly, only one face should be in the frame.

Refined Face Attributes For 3D Avatars

If you frown, your avatar will frown with you. The system now detects lowered corners of the mouth and furrowed eyebrows, and transfers this facial expression to the 3D avatar. With precise facial features tracking and the use of multiple face landmarks, this ensures a more accurate representation of the user’s facial expressions for a large variety of emotions.

Avatars in Face AR SDK

Other fixes

Version 1.14.0. brings about other updates and fixes to ensure a smooth functioning of Face AR and a joyful user experience.

  • Added the ASTC format support. This helps to improve user experience with quicker load times and maintain high visual quality while reducing storage requirements.
  • Fixed conflicting prefabs for virtual try-on. Now virtual makeup looks even better, with multiple products and accessories applicable at the same time without conflicting with each other.
  • Fixed texture formats on Metal, enabling an even quicker and smoother response.

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