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12 Trending Video Editing Apps of 2024

Video content is king, as evidenced by TikTok and other social media platforms desperate to overtake it. In 2023, 83% of the entire Internet traffic was comprised of videos, with most people watching them on their smartphones, and the trend is bound to continue. This metaphorical gold rush is widely supported by companies making tools for the content creators, primarily video editing apps.

Simple trimming and merging isn't cutting it anymore. Augmented reality features (virtual backgrounds, AR masks, etc.) are also a must-have if you are looking to compete on this market.

In this article, we will list the top 20 trending video editing apps of 2023 and show how you can quickly integrate video editing features into your own mobile app.

Trending video editing app



1. Videoshop

Videoshop is one of the most popular video editing apps for iOS and Android, with more than 20 million downloads and great reviews – its ratings are 4.9/5 on App Store and 4.6/5 on PlayMarket.

trending video editing app - videoshop

Videoshop boasts an impressive array of features:

  • Trimming/merging
  • Music
  • Sound effects
  • Slo-mo/rapid
  • Text overlays
  • Filters
  • Transition effects
  • Slideshows
  • Stop Motion
  • Lip Sync
  • Chroma key
  • And much more.

Virtual backgrounds are among the top video editing trends of 2023, and Videoshop boasts an especially effective version of this feature. We have dedicated an entire article to it, so feel free to read it to learn more.

If you want a few of these features for your own app, check out our video editor SDK/API. It is a ready-made module that will get you a ton of functionality in just a few days of integration.

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2. Splice

This trending video editing app is hugely popular, with tens of millions of people using it every month. It is straightforward and easy to use, which is why it is often used by amateur editors to make social media content.

trending video editing app - splice

Splice boasts the following features:

  • Trimming/merging
  • Tweaking exposure, contrast, saturation, etc.
  • Slo-mo/rapid
  • Color filters
  • 3D masks
  • Video effects
  • Transition effects
  • Chroma key
  • Etc.

The users especially enjoy the huge number of music tracks available and the ability to time the video to the beat.

3. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Pro is a well-known brand in video editing circles. Rush is its lighter version, intended for casual users. It is adapted to mobile devices, although it has desktop apps as well.

trending video editing app - adobe premiere rush

Rush might be a simpler version of its Pro counterpart, but it is still very feature-rich:

  • Templates
  • Trimming/merging
  • Text/picture overlays
  • Royalty-free music
  • Multitrack timeline
  • Resizing
  • Etc.

And that’s without premium features available to paying users. Though, some people don’t like that Rush is tied to Creative Cloud (Adobe’s umbrella project for all its media editing apps).

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4. Lumen5

Lumen5 devs fully embraced AI assistance as being at the top of the video editing trends. It is designed to let algorithms do a lot of work and thus save the users time and effort.

trending video editing app - lumen5

This app uses a very different approach from its competitors, that’s why its feature set is also distinct:

  • Converting blog posts to videos
  • Text-to-video
  • Watermark
  • Color correction
  • Reformatting
  • Text overlays
  • Auto-generated captions
  • Etc.

As Lumen is web-based, it is accessible from almost any device with a screen and an Internet connection.

5. Quik

Quik was made by GoPro with the intention to simplify video editing, and it shows. Reviewers praise it for being very user-friendly and intuitive. Moreover, it isn’t limited to footage taken with GoPro cameras, and can process videos made with other devices. 

trending video editing app - quik

Quik has a lot of useful features going for it:

  • Screen grab
  • Environment-specific filters
  • Rapid/slo-mo
  • Themes
  • Live streaming
  • Etc.

Premium users get extra benefits, of course.

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6. Filmora

Formerly known as Filmora Go, this is a mobile version of a renowned video editor. It is easy to use and optimized for social media content, which automatically makes it a trending video editing app. 

trending video editing app - filmora

Filmora’s feature set includes both core video editing features and useful add-ons:

  • Trimming/merging
  • Sound editing
  • Reverse playback
  • Speed control
  • AI smart cutout
  • Chroma key
  • Picture-in-picture
  • Etc.

As with many other apps, it uses a freemium model, which means most functionality is free, while advanced features cost extra.

7. iMovie

iMovie is a free Apple app that comes pre-installed on many devices of the same company. It isn’t the most feature-rich on the market, but it’s simple and free, which helps it keep up with any latest video editing app out there. 

trending video editing app - imovie

iMovie has a lot of features, mostly intended for casual and amateur users:

  • Magic movies 
  • Templates
  • Themes
  • Video filters
  • Animated titles
  • Background replacement
  • Keyboard/mouse/trackpad support for mobile

If you want to quickly create simple videos for your family and friends or to post on social media, iMovie works well. For more advanced purposes, however, it lacks things like trimming and high-end effects.


8. WeVideo

WeVideo has over 30 million registered users, making it one of the most popular video editing apps on the market. It is available in mobile and desktop versions, which is very convenient.

trending video editing app - wevideo

The feature set of WeVideo is at least on par with its competitors:

  • Trimming
  • Captions
  • Royalty-free videos, photos, and music
  • Photo animations
  • Green screen
  • Rapid/slo-mo
  • Social media sharing
  • Etc.

WeVideo enables collaboration via its cloud-based platform. This cloud version also lets users back-up their work, which is always a useful feature.

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9. Loom

Loom is a versatile and trending video editing app, available in mobile and desktop versions, as well as a Chrome extension. This flexibility allows it to reach a large target audience and give users a lot of freedom in how they create their content.

trending video editing app - loom

Loom started out as a screen capture app but then expanded its functionality. Now it contains the following features:

  • Screen recording
  • Trimming
  • Comments
  • Emoji reactions
  • Video access control
  • Speed control
  • Notifications
  • Etc.

This app has a large number of business users because it works well for instructional videos and similar content.

10. Vimeo Create

Vimeo Create comes as a complementary app to the Vimeo video sharing platform. Following the video editing trends, it is designed to have a low entry barrier, which is why lots of people praise it online.

trending video editing app - vimeo create

Here’s what Vimeo Create allows you to do:

  • Trimming/merging
  • Cropping
  • Audio editing
  • Stickers
  • Text overlays
  • Animation
  • Etc.

This app uses a freemium model as well, but many people complain that accessing its free version has intentionally been made hard to entice users to choose a paid plan. 

11. KineMaster

Your average trending video editing app is oriented towards casual users. KineMaster, on the other hand, has a steeper learning curve but is also more advanced overall. It is intended for people who have some understanding of mobile video editing.

trending video editing app - kinemaster

KineMaster has a lot of features even in its free version:

  • Trimming/merging
  • Zoom
  • Cropping
  • Voice effects
  • Transition effects
  • Background removal
  • Speed control
  • Etc.

The app is getting regular updates that enhance its functionality even further. While it’s powerful, the subscription can be a bit pricey for some users, according to the reviews.

12. PowerDirector

PowerDirector is among the most popular video editing apps for several reasons. Firstly, it is relatively accessible. Secondly, it is feature-rich. Thirdly, it is one of the fastest in terms of rendering. 

trending video editing app - power director

This app offers its users lots of options:

  • Multi-timeline editing. 
  • Voiceover recording
  • Video effects, including unique ones
  • Picture-in-picture
  • Templates
  • Royalty-free content
  • Etc.

PowerDirector has certain unique features and effects. It is also quite intuitive, though the sheer number of options can be overwhelming to a new user.

How To Get Trending Video Editing App Features

As you can see, many features, both core and add-ons, are present in almost all items on this list. For example, trimming/merging, sound editing, and 3D masks are something the users expect from popular video editing apps.

So how do you implement all of this?

There are two ways. The first is to do everything from scratch. This will require a team, whether in-house or outsourced, and enough money to fund the development efforts for a few months. This likely won't come cheap: even companies in Eastern Europe or Southeast Asia can charge rates of $50/hr or more.

The second option is to integrate a video editor SDK and get all of this and more in one package. For example, Banuba Video Editor SDK has:

  • Trimming/merging
  • Picture-in-picture mode
  • Face touch-up
  • Color filters
  • Transition effects
  • AR masks
  • Sound editing
  • etc.

It is designed to be integrated in under a week, and is also compatible with Flutter and React Native for even faster app release.


There are plenty of popular video editing apps, including mobile, web, desktop, and even browser extensions. Most offer similar core features: trimming/merging, audio editing, basic video and transition effects, and so on. However, there are plenty of differences between them, both in terms of functionality and UI. 

The situation will undoubtedly change in the future, now that the brain-computer interface design has arrived along with other cutting-edge functionalities.

Your app can gain most of basic and advanced features in about a day just by installing a video editor SDK/API, so if you are interested, just shoot us a message.

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