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Video Editor for an Innovative Social Network

How Banuba Video Editor SDK helped Uhive enrich their users’ content creation experience.


Uhive is a UK-based platform revolutionizing social media. Their vision is to leverage current industry trends, integrate gamification, and establish a tokenized economy, crafting a unique social network capable of rivaling giants like Facebook and TikTok. To accelerate their market entry, the founders opted for a video editor SDK for content creation, and Banuba emerged as the perfect choice.



Uhive is an innovative social network. It has many features that one would expect in 2023, but puts its own spin on most of them. There are unique functionalities as well. Some of the most prominent ones include:

  • Feeds. Unlike its competitors, Uhive has introduced a new exploration experience with special interest-based feeds using the latest recommendation systems, along with a rewarding system.
  • Uhive Originals. The video feed showcases content created exclusively within the Uhive social network, tailored to users' preferences and accompanied by an impressive rewarding system.
  • Valued Spaces (Profiles) and Space Names. Every space and space name holds actual value within Uhive and can be traded.
  • Video Creation Suite. A comprehensive video editor featuring stunning effects, and integration with a royalty-free music provider. This is where Banuba Video Editor SDK demonstrates its capabilities.
  • ChatGPT Integration. Accessible through a menu, it performs everything you would expect from an AI, such as engaging in conversations and providing suggestions.
  • Gamification. Uhive incorporates several gamification features, including leaderboards, badges, and achievements.
  • Decentralized Moderation. Community members themselves vet the posts to ensure fairness and freedom of expression.
  • Marketplace. Users can create and purchase NFTs, and soon they will have the ability to trade spaces and space names.

The tokenomics of the platform is especially thorough and could warrant an entire blog post of its own. It plays a major role in the Uhive interactions and acts as an additional mechanism to attract and retain users.


Why Banuba

Among all the competing video editor SDKs, Uhive founders chose Banuba. Here’s why:

  • Great features. Banuba's SDK offers advanced video editing tools, including filters, effects enhancing creativity for Uhive users.
  • Integration ease. Banuba's SDK seamlessly integrates into mobile apps, expediting Uhive's development process and ensuring a faster platform launch.
  • Enhanced engagement. Banuba's video editing empowers Uhive users to create captivating, personalized content, driving higher engagement as users share content reflecting their interests.

At Uhive, we've had the pleasure of working with Banuba's video editing SDK, which has added an exciting dimension to our platform. This integration has allowed us to offer our users a dynamic and immersive content creation experience. Pleasure working with Banuba team. Haneen Fayed, Product Manager.


Banuba Video Editor SDK seamlessly integrated with Uhive apps on Android and iOS. It provided the following features:

  • Trimming/merging
  • Audio editing
  • Video recording
  • Slide shows
  • Beauty effects
  • Text & GIF overlays
  • Royalty-free music provider integration
  • Transition effects



Banuba's integration into Uhive brought several benefits to users. It enhanced content creation with a full-fledged video editor, offered stunning effects and provided access to royalty-free music. This enriched the content experience within Uhive, increased engagement, and offered a competitive edge.

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