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Best AI Music Video Generator Software

Are you one of those people who check music videos for every song they hear? A high-quality clip with a captivating plot can definitely enhance your listening experience. The advance of artificial intelligence now allows users to not just include AI features into their footage but to generate entire music videos within minutes. In this article, we will delve deeper into the market of best AI music video generator software, compare solutions, and discover hidden possibilities of artificial intelligence for video creators.

How To Make A Good AI Music Video

Artificial intelligence is rapidly evolving and advancing – with the combination of advanced AI and deep machine learning, you can both create a piece of music and generate a videoclip for it. Just take a look at this music video by Voltaine for example. The seamless connection between the sound and the visuals make for an aesthetically pleasing piece that attracts attention and gains thousands of views.

So what makes a good AI music video? Usually, the creative process starts with a single image which AI later expands into a video. Users can choose the color scheme, the camera movement, the visuals to integrate, etc. An advanced software solution will do the trick – the smoother the generation, the better. Some generators use prompt words to create the necessary video fragments, others enhance existing footage and apply various artistic effects. Let’s take a look at the top offers among AI music generators – at this point, the AI market can satisfy every demand.

Neural Frames

Pricing: free trial available, 4 subscription options starting at $19 per month.

Neural Frames is a powerful AI music video generator that allows anyone to use AI in their music production efforts. Neural Frames utilizes text prompts and helps you separate the main elements from your uploaded music files, allowing you to synchronize visuals seamlessly with the beats.

The platform includes A100 GPUs, real-time generation access, and a high-quality upscaler at no additional cost. With a frame rate of 25 FPS, you can enjoy smooth animations that have little competition in the market. Another crucial feature is that you retain full ownership of the AI-generated music videos.

The software offers a free plan, allowing you to test Neural Frames for your music videos without any commitment. This plan includes 6 seconds of video generation and access to a single standard model, giving you a taste of the capabilities of Neural Frames AI.


Pricing: free trial available, pricing plans start at $5 monthly. is an AI music video generator with an intuitive UX design – beginner-friendly yet packed with enough features to satisfy the needs of the pickiest video pros. It provides a range of generative audio and video tools, empowering artists to delve into fresh aspects of their music and narrative. 

The software uses state-of-the-art audio analysis technology to examine the beat, the melody, and the mood of your music, and then craft visuals that seamlessly align with the beats and rhythms of the song. This guarantees that the AI-generated music video is visually captivating and harmonizes seamlessly with the audio.

Kaiber AI offers a free trial, as well as a beginner-friendly $5 monthly plan that allows you to generate 1-minute videos. More complex plans include more advanced features and up to 8 minutes of generated footage.

Nova A.I.

Pricing: free limited version available, paid plans start at $10 per month.

Nova A.I. is another easy-to-use platform for crafting music videos by merging music files, photos, and video footage. The advanced AI makes automated choices, crafting captivating pieces that are in perfect sync with the music. Nova A.I. features include creating subtitles and translating them instantly, as well as a fully functional manual video and sounds editor.

The platform includes a built-in automated editor that takes care of the technical aspects of video editing. It enables the crafting of abstract visual narratives that complement your music. Apart from that, Nova A.I. generates music videos directly from your web browser, which eliminates the need to download or install anything, saving storage space and favoring less capable hardware.

Apart from free trial, Nova A.I. offers three pricing plans that vary in storage space and technical possibilities of the editor. 


Pricing: free limited version available. Pricing starts at $9 per month, with license for commercial use priced at $29 monthly.

This video generating software interprets text descriptions of your creative vision. Instead of depending on conventional filmmaking methods, you can effortlessly convey your desired video concept through a simple text, and the AI handles the rest. This tool is versatile, suitable for creating not just music videos but also visualizers, Spotify canvases, or promotional content for social media platforms.

Like many other solutions, Decoherence offers a free version with basic features to try out. Other packages have a sight differentiation: the Basic pack is a good fit for personal use, and the Creator pack allows using the generated videos for commercial purposes.

Honorable mention: Banuba Video Editor SDK

Pricing: free trial available, contact us for more details.

If you build software of your own or want to hook people by letting them create videos within your infrastructure, you can use a pre-made solution like Banuba AR Video Editor SDK. Apart from its prominent AR features including seamless background removal, effects, masks, and beauty effects, Banuba’s solution includes an Audio Editor that ensures perfect timing with our audio-visual syncing features.

Banuba Video Editor SDK is compatible with iOS and Android, as well as with Flutter and React Native. Licenses for these products are available at a significantly lower cost compared to the expenses involved in developing similar functionality from scratch. The mobile-first approach ensures a smooth integration and guarantees your users an enjoyable video creation experience.


In today’s world, video content is thriving. In order for a song or composition to get the attention of listeners and gain recognition, a captivating music video is a must. AI music video generators offer just that – unique and impressive visuals cannot go unnoticed. The market is rich with free AI music video generators that cater to the needs of every creator, from beginner musicians to renowned artists with global fanbases.