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eCommerce Video Solutions for Smartphones: the New Norm

With video gaining more and more prominence on the web in general, it grows more important in the eCommerce domain as well. It is a powerful way to raise brand awareness and generate more sales. Software developers have reacted to the increased demand for video editing and started releasing eCommerce video solutions that allow making quality clips on smartphones. In this article, we will tell you about the latest trends in eCommerce videos, use cases for them, and what to focus on if you want to develop a custom video editor catering to this market.

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eCommerce video trends

The year 2020 has been good for online retailers. In the USA, for example, eCommerce sales increased by 44%. Amazon is still the number one place for purchases on the web but other companies have gained market share. This can be at least partially attributed to the focus on new technology: by some estimates, the retail industry invested in three years worth of digital transformation in only six months.

This is how video plays into this situation.

1.Influencer marketing has expanded

Having someone famous promote your product or service has been around ever since the concept of advertising appeared. This approach has steadily increased in popularity since the dawn of social media. But in 2020 many more businesses have invested in celebrity endorsements and other forms of influencer marketing. The budgets for this niche have increased by 65%

The best recent example of successful influencer marketing is TikTok. By partnering with high-profile influencers (e.g. Kris Jenner and Paris Hilton) it was able to tremendously increase its user base.


2. Video marketing efficiency has increased

Video has always been effective for promotion. Even the mention of the word “video” in an email subject line increased the open rate by 19%, and a clip on a landing page tended to raise conversions by a whopping 80%.

However, not many businesses gained these benefits. In 2015, only 33% of marketers got positive ROI. In 2020 this number has grown to 87%. And 84% think that video marketing is a great lead generation tool.

3. Video innovations

Some companies use the latest technology to make their eCommerce product videos more impressive. For example, a clip improved with augmented reality is 78% more attractive to users than a plain video. Technology like this has been used for virtual product launches, try-on, and advertising.

For example, Estee Lauder saw its online sales skyrocket by 60% by using this approach. And Ultra, a cosmetics retailer, increased its brand engagement sevenfold.

AI video editing has also played a major part in the cosmetics industry rebounding from the pandemic.

Popular eCommerce product videos

This is what mobile video editing apps can do for online shops.

1. Reviews

People trust other people more than corporations. Hence, 60% of viewers would buy from a brand endorsed by a YouTuber or other video creator. 

This makes audiovisual product reviews a powerful eCommerce tool to attract customers and increase sales. Making a custom video editor for online shops will let their teams and customers create and upload such reviews without leaving the platform, increasing engagement and driving sales.

2. Guides/Explainer videos

These eCommerce product videos are a proven way to get more clients. 94% of buyers watch them to learn more about the product and for 84% they become a deciding factor that makes them commit to purchase. Guides work well because they demonstrate effective use of the product and its results, giving viewers confidence. 

This works well for physical and digital products alike. According to Hubspot research, 80% of people were convinced that to buy an app after watching an explainer.


3. Remote consultations

A new way of selling in times of the pandemic, this method has already shown its effectiveness. Lululemon, an athletic apparel retailer, started offering brief 15-30 minute conversations between customers and trained associates that could recommend the best goods for each person. 

According to their EVP of Americas, the company saw “healthy conversion rates” and “positive customer sentiment”. This means the customers buy their products following the video conversations, earning the company money through eCommerce. 

4. Live shopping

This term means a live video stream where a host presents various goods that the viewers could buy online. It is yet to become a global eCommerce trend though it is big in China. 

eCommerce video solutions like TaoBao Live and TalkShopLive have already seen a lot of success. And OOOOO, launched in November 2020, has already overtaken Amazon as the most popular eCommerce app in the UK. 

A combination of social proof, attractive visuals, and quality promotion make users want to buy from such applications. 

eCommerce video solution feature set

This is what your app needs if you want it to become a complete eCommerce video solution. 

  • Camera control. Any custom video editor, eCommerce or otherwise, is bound to fail if it can’t properly adjust the camera settings.
  • Trimming. A must-have feature for any eCommerce video app, allowing the user to cut the beginning and end of the clip or change their length.
  • Text overlay. A very useful feature to comment on certain features of a product or to add extra information.
  • Music. Backing tracks make eCommerce videos much more engaging.
  • Watermark. A little something for your branding. 


SDKs for custom eCommerce video editors

If you are looking to create your own mobile video editing app that would cater to eCommerce, consider taking advantage of premade SDKs that already have all the core features and a bit more. They are modules that can be quickly and reliably integrated into mobile apps. 

Here’s what you gain from them:

  • Decreased time-to-market. Integrating an SDK into your eCommerce video solution would take a few hours. Writing all the features from scratch would take days.
  • Expansion. SDK developers keep adding new features to their product, allowing your team to focus on other aspects of the app.
  • Feature set. Besides the core eCommerce video solution features mentioned in the previous section, an SDK could offer you extras like AR filters, sound editing, and more. 

For more details, take a look at our article: How to develop a mobile video editor app.


eCommerce is a domain where video solutions are especially popular and effective. With a reliable and feature-rich software development kit at the core of your app, you can break into this niche and achieve success. And while you’re at it, why not try out Banuba AI Video Editor SDK? 

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