Banuba Enters a Worldwide Partnership With Agora

Banuba has expanded its cooperation with the leading provider of real-time engagement solutions. Now our augmented reality extension is available for iOS, Android and Web. Agora will manage the entire  integration process, making it more convenient for the customers.

About Agora

Agora is an industry powerhouse in the Real-Time Communications industry. It offers a line of SDKs that enable audio and video calls, live chat, notifications, streaming, and other similar capabilities. These products are available for native iOS and Android, as well as Electron, Flutter, React Native, Unity, and Desktop platforms.

Agora is also a thought leader and maintains this position by organizing RTE – a yearly conference dedicated to real-time engagement. 

Agora’s products have a natural synergy with Banuba’s SDKs:

  • Industry compatibility. Both companies operate in the Video Communications domain but cover different aspects of it. Agora provides the calling capabilities, while Banuba offers important augmented reality features (e.g. virtual backgrounds).
  • Business goals. The main selling point of an SDK is saving time and money. They provide features that would take months to create from scratch, but integrating an SDK could require less than an hour. Using two of them means getting even more functionality while drastically reducing the time-to-market and initial investment. 


In 2021, Banuba released its first extension for Agora. It was a special version of Face AR SDK designed to be natively compatible with Agora’s products. This was an important milestone in the partnership, as well as a solution to a major issue. 

While using one SDK in a product is simple and straightforward, using several might pose a challenge. Integrating them with each other seamlessly could be difficult and time-consuming, which defeats the purpose of using them in the first place. However, Banuba’s extension is designed to be compatible with Agora’s products out-of-the-box. This means that using them together is as simple as using just one SDK.

Agora’s extensions marketplace contains many more extensions with other important elements of a modern video communications software: AI content moderation, sound quality improvement, noise reduction, and more. This allows customers to construct a powerful app out of premade parts like a house out of Lego bricks.


Banuba and Agora have been working together since 2019. The cooperation has proven to be fruitful, so it moved to the next level. Now Agora manages the entire integration so that the customers get it finished even faster than before. 

In 2023, Banuba released the updated extensions for iOS, Android and Web – the most demanded platforms. The new versions contain all the improvements that the main SDK got.

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