Banuba Releases Extension for Agora

On September 1-2, we will be participating in RTE2021 - a large online conference on real-time engagement hosted by our partners at Agora. A major part of it would be dedicated to the extension marketplace that will include our plugin as well. In this article, we will tell about the conference and the possibilities offered by the Banuba extension.

rte2021 banuba

About RTE2021

Agora is a major technology provider for voice and video streaming, calling, recording, and messaging. The company provides several SDKs that could be embedded in third-party applications and perform specific functions. 

Being experts in real-time engagement, Agora organized a two-day online conference that will bring together other professionals in the industry. The main topic on the agenda is the real-time future of audience engagement. Speakers include representatives from renowned brands like HTC, Bose, HP, and Twitch. At RTE2021 Agora would also officially launch its extension marketplace, where the company’s partners would present plugins that improve user experience and engagement during the video calls. 

Banuba would be among them. We have been working on our Face AR SDK extension for a while to make the video communication experience better in both casual and professional settings. 

Why video conferencing matters

In a world where the home office is becoming a default option and lockdowns are keeping people stuck at home, video conferencing is now an integral part of life. And just like any major change, this brings new challenges. How to ensure people feel involved in a conversation? How to combat exhaustion from many long online meetings (the so-called “Zoom fatigue”? How to help people protect their privacy when they have to work from their homes? 

One of the ways to address these pains is through the use of augmented reality. At the panel called Better Together: How Extensions Enhance Real-Time Interaction, our CRO Vadim Nekhai will speak about the Banuba extension for Agora and tell how it can make calls more fun and effective, as well as less stressful. These are the main things to know about it.

What can Banuba extension do?

Banuba specializes in Face AR - augmented reality technology based around face detection and tracking. These things are extremely useful in the video communications domain, so partnering up with Agora and releasing a plugin was a logical step.

Here’s what the extension includes:

  1.  Face Filters & AR Lens
  2.  Beautification
  3.  Makeup Try-On
  4.  Background removal

The feature set is designed to provide the most value for the typical use cases. It lets callers protect their privacy and feel less anxious during online meetings. Companies using it will also find that besides improving the user experience,  it also helps raise the call acceptance rate and user retention. 

The technology behind the extension is able to track several faces on one camera and apply effects to all of them. Moreover, it keeps the effects looking cool and realistic, on par with the best industry examples (e.g. TikTok) or better. The extension includes several face masks but more can be licensed from Banuba Asset Store, containing over 600 high-quality filters.

What’s next?

After the presentation, we will share more details with you, so stay tuned. In the meantime, feel free to try our Face AR SDK yourself. It can be tested for free for two weeks, so request the trial token and play around!


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