Video Editor SDK Release

Video Editor SDK v1.0.15: Background Change, Trimmer and Time Warp Scan Filter

Discover our latest Video Editor SDK releases for iOS and Android. We’ve added a new feature of custom video background remover. Now, users can change backgrounds in the video with an image from the gallery. We’ve also updated the trimmer allowing it to cut the recorded videos. And we’ve designed the Time Warp Scan filter, the one that is going viral on TikTok now.

Video Editor SDK Release v1.0.15

Video Editor SDK Release versions

  • 1.0.15 iOS
  • Android

Video Trimmer Updated

Previously the trimmer was available only for the gallery videos, allowing the user to cut the uploaded videos. Now, it works for the camera too. Users can record videos and trim them right away. 

new trimmerVideo Editor Demo: Trimmer Updated

Full list of video trimmer specs

  • Trim uploaded and recorded videos.
  • Cut the beginning and the end of the video.  
  • Slide lines to set new frames. 

Platforms: iOS, Android

Video Editor Background Change

With the new release, we added the Video Background Changer feature. Users can now record videos with custom backgrounds uploaded from the gallery.

The filter requires the Face AR component. The video editor uses a background subtraction (green screen) technology that tags the image into the human or the background. The latter can be removed or changed into an image per user choice. 

backgound changer uiScreen 1: Tap 'Masks' to find Background remover.
Screen 2: Background icon. 
Screen 3: Add custom backgrounds from the gallery.

The feature works pretty much as in Tiktok:

  • Tap on the icon with background separation.
  • The gallery pops up.
  • Pick an image or video.
  • The background is substituted in the camera in real-time.
  • Record video.

Users can apply the background remover in a variety of cases. They can create vlogs, record video lessons with thematic backgrounds, for self-presentational video profiles in dating or HR apps, or just for fun Tiktok-like short videos.

Platforms: iOS, Android

Time Warp Scan Filter Added

You can now integrate the Time Warp Scan effect in your video editor. The effect distorts an image in a sophisticated way. It freezes the image on the screen gradually as a line moves down, or across the screen. The mask is applied for real-time recording, and the line orientation can change by the tap on the screen. 

time wrap filter banuba-1Time Wrap Scan Filter Demo

Platforms: iOS, Android

Dependencies: Face AR, Audio, and AR Cloud become optional

Our iOS and Android video editing SDK includes several modules, which are now optional. The optional modules include:

  • Face AR enables face tracking effects, e.g. AR masks, try-ons, backgrounds.
  • Audio Browser to add music using the third-party service (we use Mubert).
  • AR Cloud lets you store effects on the server instead of code which saves app size.

If your app suggests just the video capture and editing functionality with full-screen video effects, you may go with basic video editor SDK features and not specify these modules. It significantly reduces the binary size of the SDK.

Video Quality Improved

We start using H.265(HEVC) codec for video decoding in our SDK and exported videos. The codec provides better video quality and reduced file size. The intermediate video will encode in H.265 encoder if it is available on the current device. Due to that and bitrate reduction, the export file size was reduced by 1,5-2 times.

Other Improvements and Changes

  • When the commercial token expires, exported video quality decrease to 360p. Banuba watermark is added.
  • Recording and displayed time accuracy are optimised.
  • Bitrate reduced. New numbers.
  • Moved from H.264 codec to H.265 (HEVC) 
  • Audio frequency changed from 44100 to 48000 kHz

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