Video Editor SDK Release

Video Editor SDK v1.29.1: Improved Mubert Integration, Lighter Videos, and dSYM Support

The recent string of updates to Banuba Video Editor SDK was focused on developer convenience and under-the-hood optimization. As a result, integrating and debugging became much easier. We also added an option to make video file size more manageable.

Improved Mubert integration

By default, Video Editor SDK can connect to Mubert – a royalty-free music generation service. In v1.29.1, we streamlined the integration to decrease track loading time. To get the most out of Mubert, follow these best practices:

  1.  Limit the number of tracks per page. Mubert generates tracks on demand, which is intensive task that takes some time to complete. The more tracks you need, the longer the processing time gets. Use `MubertApiConfig.generatedTracksAmount` to set the number of audio tracks per page. Users can load more tracks by clicking on specific button. The default value is `5.`
  2.  Optimize audio duration time. Use `MubertApiConfig.generatedTrackDurationSec` to set the duration of each generated audio track. The default value is `30` seconds.
  3.  Optimize bitrate value. Use 'MubertApiConfig.generateTrackBitrate' to set bitrate of each generated audio track. Default value is `128.`

Lighter videos

We support two codecs: AVC (H.264) and HEVC (H.265 – iPhone 7.0 and up, Android 5.0 and up). The latter is more efficient, so starting from version 1.29.1, it will be the default on devices that support it. We also decreased the bitrate on certain resolutions to optimize the export video size without sacrificing quality:

  • Android: HD(720*1280) and FHD(1080*1920) by 10%
  • iOS: FHD (1080*1920), HD (720*1280), qHD (540*960), SD (480*854), nHD (360 * 640) by 20%

In practice, this leads to 10-30% smaller files and 5-20% faster export.

The iOS version can now record the videos in 30 FPS (if you are using Video Editor SDK without Face AR SDK). This also decreases the file sizes.

dSYM support (iOS)

The latest version of Video Editor SDK supports dSYM, a type of files that crash reporting services can turn into human-readable code. This will massively help with ironing out the kinks in your project. 

See the guides for the popular platforms:


  • Export audio in .m4a once the sound encoding is complete (Android);
  • The gallery won’t show files that can’t be opened (Android);
  • Support for versions of iOS earlier than 14.0 has been deprecated. Fewer than 0.2% of users have devices running iOS 13.0, so we will divert resources to improving user experience on more popular versions;
  • Support for Face AR SDK v1.7;
  • UX improvements for the picture-in-picture mode (iOS);
  • Bug fixes and optimization.

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