Results and Conclusions of 2023

Once again, the year is coming to an end. It is time to look back at the past 12 months and review everything that has happened.

We haven’t been idle in 2023, expanding our product line, improving existing products, and helping dozens of companies increase their metrics across the board. We have helped customers from over 50 countries achieve their business goals, and the total number of sessions with our product exceeded 500 million. See some of the most notable things that have happened in the past 12 months.

TINT virtual try-on platform

TINT has been gaining traction on the market and receiving updates from the development team. 

  • Skin care support. TINT was the first virtual try-on platform that implemented support for skin care products. While they are invisible, the app uses advanced AI to predict the effects from prolonged use and demonstrates them.
  • Expanded try-on options. TINT started out as a makeup try-on application, but today it also works with headwear, glasses/sunglasses, jewelry, piercings, hair color, nail polish, and colored contacts. 
  • Gift selection. The “Gift selection” feature allows users to choose suitable gifts for their loved ones. They need to upload the photo of a person, and the AI will suggest products that would fit them.
  • Improvements in the recommendations algorithm. The system now gives even better suggestions thanks to the updated neural networks.
  • Over 100.000 SKUs digitized.  Thanks to our rapid conversion process, we have created over 100.000 virtual items for our clients.

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Photo Editor SDK release

Banuba’s Photo Editor SDK for Android and iOS is designed to turn regular photos into viral masterpieces. It has a powerful suite of retouching features while still being intuitive and user-friendly.

This is what it can do:

  • AI retouching. The inbuilt AI analyzes the face of the person in the photo and applies effects to enhance their natural appearance and remove skin imperfections (wrinkles, problem spots, acne, etc.). A user can then adjust these effects as needed. 
  • Facial feature adjustment. Modifying the size and shape of eyes, nose, cheekbones, eyebrows, and lips; whitening teeth.
  • Virtual makeup. AR cosmetics for eyes, lips, and hair, as well as an eye color changer. Dozens of options available for each category.
  • Virtual backgrounds. Changing picture backdrop to one of the many scenes.
  • Color filters. Changing the color scheme of the image.
  • Overlays. Captions, stickers, pictures, and more. 

Social media, dating apps, eCommerce, dedicated photo editors – these are just a few of the apps that could benefit from Banuba Photo Editor SDK.

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Face AR SDK updates

Our flagship product Face AR SDK keeps getting new features and technical improvements for better quality and performance. 

  • Facial feature editing (face morphing). Changing the size and shape of the face and its features: eyes, lips, nose, chin, cheeks, etc.
  • Acne removal. Eliminates acne from the picture while preserving the person’s natural skin texture.
  • New effects player API. A more streamlined version, with more features and better performance.
  • Improved rendering engine. Thanks to various upgrades to the rendering engine, AR items are looking more realistic than ever.
  • Earlobe detection. Detecting the specific part of the ear helps place virtual earrings with more accuracy.
  • New skin smoothing. The updated skin smoothing effect preserves the skin’s natural texture while removing wrinkles and blemishes.
  • Upgraded hand detection. Hand detection became more accurate, which ensures better accuracy for hand jewelry and nails try-on, as well as other similar use cases (e.g. gesture recognition).
  • Updated rings try-on. TINT now allows you to select the finger to place the ring on. The items themselves are much better looking.

The technical upgrades include better lips segmentation, improved GLTF serialization, and up to 10 times faster background replacement.

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Video Editor SDK updates

Video Editor SDK also received a host of updates. It became better-looking, gained new functionalities, and improved some of the existing features.

  • New UI. The new interface follows the latest design trends. It looks sleek and impressive.
  • Soundstripe integration. Now Video Editor SDK has a native integration with another royalty-free music provider.
  • Improved API. The Video Editor API has been modified to make integrations easier and more time-efficient.
  • Picture-in-Picture updates. The audio recording and synchronization options have been expanded and improved.

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Virtual Store Platform

Banuba virtual store platform is an interactive environment where users can browse the products, see important information (e.g. components or allergy warnings), virtually try on items, and easily make purchases. It is available online, making it accessible to anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection. 

  • Integration with Banuba TINT and its recommendations AI
  • Detailed, realistic 3D models of items
  • One-click access to product characteristics
  • Simple purchasing process

See the virtual store demo to learn more.

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