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Riding the Waves of the Personalization Trend: How To Stay Ahead In The Game

Imagine living in a world where every customer wants to design their own experience. Well, it’s reality. Customers are looking for increasingly personalized experiences, tailor-made for them. 

At the heart of offerings, we no longer find products or corporate services, but the needs of consumers. Businesses capable of understanding such needs and personalizing their offerings accordingly are those most likely to succeed in the modern market.


Can we then say that personalization is a trend? Absolutely! Personalization is one of the biggest trends in the world of e-commerce (and beyond) and as such must be leveraged to gain a competitive advantage over competitors. How can we do this? Let's find out together.

What is E-commerce Personalization?

Let's start from the beginning. What is e-commerce personalization? It's the process of tailoring the shopping experience based on the customer in front of you. There are several ways to do this: from personalizing communications to personalized offers, all the way to the most effective and user-demanded form of personalization, product customization.

What could be more personalized than offering customers the ability to design and create their own product directly online? The customer also becomes the creator of the product itself, adding superior value to the shopping experience and making it interactive and fun.

Today, knowing how to leverage the personalization trend is an advantage for many businesses. In an increasingly competitive and customer-centric market, giving customers exactly what they are looking for is crucial, and personalization is the tool needed to do it.

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Some Data You Need To Know

Who says personalization is a real trend? The data, of course! Here are some statistics you should know:

  • Monetate states that marketers who utilize personalization see a 20% increase in sales;
  • According to McKinsey, 78% of consumers have chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience;
  • McKinsey also says that 71% of customers expect to receive personalized experiences;
  • According to Epsilon, 80% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a company that offers personalizion;
  • Monetate found brands can increase AOV by up to 12% by personalizing the customer experience.

These data confirm that personalizing the experience is a real lever that brands must exploit to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. The time to embrace personalization is now, what are you waiting for?

What Are The Benefits of Personalization in E-commerce?

Ok, now that we know personalization is a trend, it's time to discover the benefits it offers to merchants selling online:

More Conversions, More Sales

When you walk into a store and everything seems handpicked just for you, aren't you more tempted to buy? That's the magic of personalization in e-commerce. It's about making each customer feel like the shop was curated just for them. Customization takes this to another level. Imagine designing your own sneaker or phone case; it's not just shopping anymore, it's a creative project. This personal touch doesn't just make customers happy - it makes them click "buy" more often.

Improved Customer Experience

When a website shows you exactly what you’re looking for (or didn’t know you were looking for), shopping becomes a breeze. It’s about feeling understood and valued, turning a simple task into a delightful experience. This kind of shopping feels less like a transaction and more like a service, making you eager to come back for more.

Higher AOV

Custom-made sounds fancy, doesn't it? It feels luxurious, like something created just for you. That's why people are usually willing to pay a bit more for something personalized. Whether it's engraving your name on a laptop or designing a unique piece of jewelry, these custom touches make the item more special, encouraging customers to spend more. It turns shopping into an investment in something unique.

More Satisfaction, More Loyalty

Happy customers are like fans of a great band; they keep coming back for more and tell everyone about their fantastic experience. When you nail personalization, you're providing happiness and satisfaction. This creates a strong connection between the brand and the customer, leading to a kind of loyalty that’s hard to shake. It’s about creating a circle of trust and enjoyment that keeps everyone coming back for more.

Better Engagement

Imagine this: your brand sends out a personalized note to your customers, telling them you’ve got the perfect thing just for them. It's about making interactions with your brand feel more like catching up with a friend than a basic transaction. By getting to know your customers and showcasing items that genuinely align with their preferences, you invite them into a conversation, not just a purchase. And when you offer them the ability to create their own product directly on your platform? That's when engagement hits its highest gear.

Better Brand Perception

When a brand gets personalization right, it shines in the eyes of the customer. It's seen as innovative, caring, and premium. Brands that excel in personalization are viewed as leaders, the ones setting the pace in a crowded race. They’re the ones we talk about, recommend, and remain loyal to because they stand out by making us feel seen.

Less Returns

Creating your own product is like adding a piece of yourself to it, which makes it harder to let go. When you’ve chosen the color, added a message, or tailored it to fit perfectly, it's no longer just a product - it's your creation. This personal investment means you're less likely to return it because it didn't just meet your expectations; it was born from them. It's a win-win: less hassle for the store and more joy for customers.

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How To Implement Personalization in Your E-commerce?

When we’re talking about offering e-commerce personalization, there are several ways to implement it in your e-commerce:

  • The most effective one, Product customization

Let your customers be the creators of their products. Offering a way for shoppers to customize products on your site turns a simple purchase into a personal project. This not only delights customers but also makes them feel uniquely connected to their purchases. They will design their own products in real-time and buy exactly what they were looking for.

  • Product recommendations

Use your customer's browsing and purchase history to suggest items they'll love. It's like being a thoughtful friend who knows exactly what they're into, guiding them to their next favorite find without the search hassle.

  • Personalized offers and discounts

Everyone loves a good deal, especially when it's just for them. Tailor your discounts and offers to match the shopping habits and preferences of your customers. It's a way to say "we know what you like" without words. For example, when a customer leave something in his cart, you can send a personalized email with a special discount to buy these items.

  • Up-selling and Cross-selling promotions

Show customers complementary or upgraded products related to their interests or current cart contents. It’s about making helpful suggestions that enhance their shopping experience, not just pushing for a bigger sale.

  • Retargeting based on behavioral triggers

Catch your customers' attention in real-time by responding to their actions on your site. Abandoned a cart? Show them what they’re missing. Hovering over a product? Give them a nudge. It’s about being responsive and relevant at the moment.

Product Personalization Made Easy, Today

Let's talk about the most effective form of personalization in the e-commerce world: product customization! Many brands think that starting to offer customized products requires a hefty investment of money and very long timelines. Well, that's not the case!

There are several tools on the market that offer simple and immediate solutions to start with product customization in your e-commerce. The most flexible, fast, and easy to use? Zakeke, a Partner of Banuba. Zakeke's Product Customizer allows merchants to offer personalization within minutes, simply by installing the plug-in (no code required) and importing products from their catalog, choosing the customization options, and making them live!

What will customers see? A product page featuring a "Customize" button (or any text you prefer), allowing them to personalize products in real-time directly in the merchant's store. 

And for brands seeking a deeper level of engagement, Zakeke offers a 3D Configurator: customers can design made-to-order products online in 3D, watching their creations evolve as they select materials, finishes, and more to match their style.

The best part is that Zakeke seamlessly integrates with every e-commerce platform and the merchant's internal production processes, streamlining them with production-ready files that eliminate the hassle of creating custom mockups.

With a pay-as-you-grow model, integration in minutes, and the ability to start unlocking the power of customization in your store, Zakeke is a game-changer for e-commerce personalization.