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Virtual Eye Color Changer: How Banuba API Helps Add Filters to an App

A virtual eye color changer is a thriving technology-driven solution that has revolutionized the AR-powered market. Beauty, cosmetics, e-commerce, retail, and ever healthcare vendors actively invest in AR-enabled eye coloring and segmentation technologies to power their products with never-seen-before user experiences.

However, many companies still wonder if eye color changing app functionality is an investment-worthy and viable initiative to spend fortunes on new feature development or SDK integration.

If this resonates with your current business needs, this post will show you how our tool works and the ways to add it to your commercial product.

Eye Segmentation

Virtual Eye Color Changer: How It Works

Virtual eye color changing requires accuracy and fast performance. We developed computer vision technology that delivers both. Our AR SDK uses face tracking and eye segmentation technologies to precisely detect the user's eyes and overlay a digital image of colored contact lens in real-time.

eye coloring simple colorReal-time eye segmentation and coloring

Eye segmentation 

Eye segmentation technology is based on the neural networks trained using synthesized datasets. It accurately detects a pupil, sclera, and iris and allows you to modify the color for one or all of them. The user can get a new eye color for the entire surface or a part of it.

Face tracking 

Face tracking technology comes as a basis for any Face AR experience. It enables an online color lens try-on experience which is way more convenient for a user as opposed to photo processing. It also lets users change their eye color in the video.

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Core Features of Banuba's Eye Coloring API

Eye color changing capabilities top the list of the most popular face editing effects. With this, users can change their eyes for better self-expression, have fun trying on exotic lenses, or test color contacts before purchasing in augmented reality. You can easily embed this cool feature into your app with our Eye Color API which comes as part of AR Makeup or Face Filter SDKs.

eye color apiEye Color API works with blue, green, or brown eyes equally well

The API runs on any device and with any camera, delivering a magic mirror-like experience. Use it to change your eye color and create a virtual lens try-on, photo editor, beauty makeover, and any communication app like Snapchat. 

API features:

  • Automatic eye recognition and coloring 
  • Colored contacts simulation
  • Changing user eye color in photos and videos
  • Full eye, sclera, and iris recolor 
  • Compatible with virtual makeup and face animation 
  • Easily embedded as an API
  • iOS, Android, and macOS support.

Tried & Tested Benefits of Eye Color Changer

Communication and beauty photo editor apps

  • One of the most popular features in selfie editing 
  • Increases engagement and content share ration 
  • Allows for more interesting face AR effects

AR commerce 

  • Boost sales for colored lenses through mobile channels.
  • Engage customers with virtual try on.
  • Increases brand awareness through the novelty of augmented reality.

Research shows that eyes have the biggest effect on perceived facial traits. An interesting fact, despite that 79% of the world population is brown-eyed, it's the brown color that is perceived least of all attractive. 

AR eye color changing is captivating. It fulfills the users' desire for a change, letting them see how they look with different eyes. Consider empowering your app this functionality.

4 Use Cases of Adopting Eye Color Changer Tool

Banuba's eye recoloring technology fits with the company's other products, which allows to combine it with virtual makeup, background replacement, face filters, etc.


Makeover apps

Developers can add an eye color changer to their AR beauty apps. Together with virtual makeup or hair coloring, it lets users modify their appearance beyond recognition.

Photo editors

Integrated with a photo editor, eye color changer and recoloring puts portrait enhancement to the next level. Users can remove the red-eye effect in photos or color eyes automatically into any shade.

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Virtual try on: contact lenses

Augmented reality lets customers sample products that are not meant for physical try on. Colored contact lenses are one of such. With our SDK you can build a virtual contact lens try-on experience on mobile, in the store aka virtual kiss, and soon on the web too.  

Virtual lens try on service makes the purchasing process much easier and way more fun. It’s also completely safe since it’s contactless. For retailers, the eye color changer and contact lens simulator improves customer services and accelerate purchases. Buyers can browse more contacts and choose one that's a 100% match to their expectations.

Communication apps

In communication apps, eye color changer complements the face filter experience. Combined with face animations, it lets users literally become someone else, be that their favorite movie hero or a creature.

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Core Eye Color Filters that Customers Enjoy

Whether you want to showcase color contacts, Halloween lenses, alien or animal eyes in your app, our SDK allows doing so, giving your users practically limitless possibilities to alter their eyes. Here are the types of eye effects possible with our API. 

Colored lens try on

Showcase realistic colored contact lenses to engage your customers on mobile and boost sales.

Exotic eyes

Captivate users with a fantastic eye color changer experience. Let them look like a snake, cat, dragon, or something else.

Eye animation with video textures

You can design complex effects with video textures and place your own texture for each eye, like Husky eyes.

Hollywood eyes

Replicate the most famous movie characters and their eyes like Mystique, Black Swan, or Thor's lightning eyes. This will be something your users won't help but share with friends letting you scale organic user acquisition in your app. 

How to Add Color Changer to Your App 

For a simple eye color change, you just need to set the color in config.js in the effect folder.

For complex lenses, you need to design your texture in .png for still images or .mp4 for animated ones and insert it into our template mask. Our filter photo editor tool will convert the effect into SDK support formats. 

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