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Face AR SDK v1.8: Improved lips segmentation, Acne Removal, and Technical Improvements

The latest update of Banuba Face AR SDK comes with a host of important upgrades. They center around beauty and face touch-up features: more accurate lips segmentation, acne removal, skin smoothing, and more. In addition, there are technical improvements to keep the SDK in line with the latest technologies and development tools.

Skin smoothing as a beauty effect

Skin smoothing is a staple of Face AR effects. Now it falls under the umbrella of beauty effect. In practical terms, this will allow working with it easier for the developers. 


Improved lips segmentation

Banuba’s lips segmentation technology has become even more precise. It already is one of the most accurate on the market. So now we are improving the edge cases (e.g. fitting virtual lipstick to match the contour along the philtrum – that indent under the nose). See the GIF below.


Acne removal

The Android version of Banuba Face AR SDK now has the acne removal feature. The users can upload a picture from their gallery and tap the problem spots to clear them. The developers can also change the size of the affected area. This is important for more precise effect application, especially on images with lower resolution.


Technical improvements

There are other major improvements worth mentioning.

The first is the update to GLTF serialization. Banuba Face AR SDK now processes shaders, textures, and materials of GLTF models better, which results in drastically improved images. 


The second is the support for Visual Studio 2022. The previous versions could be built in VS 2019 only. 

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