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Banuba Video Editor SDK v1.23: VE API, Transition Effects, and UX Improvements

The new version of Banuba Video Editor SDK features an API product format, which offers unparalleled flexibility for the developers. It also boasts a new kind of effect, configuration additions, and several quality-of-life improvements. Read the entire post for details.

banuba video editor api sdk

Video Editor API

Besides the Video Editor SDK, we now offer the Video Editor API as a separate product. They share the same codebase and are both compatible with iOS, Android, Flutter, and React Native. 


API gives you opportunities to customize the SDK features according to your needs. This includes the UI, as well as the core modules. However, if you use the API, you will have to build certain things from the ground up. See the spreadsheet below for details.

img-Banuba-Video-Editor-APIVideo editor API features

API gives you extra flexibility at the cost of functionality.

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Transition Effects

Now your users will be able to add cool effects that connect different parts of the video. Banuba Video Editor SDK has 10 of them by default. See the GIF for an example of how this works. 

transitions in banuba video editor SDK APITransition effects in Banuba Video Editor SDK

Adding Pictures and Videos Together

Since v1.23, you can enable importing videos and photos from the user’s gallery at the same time. As a result, they can be mixed in the editor immediately. This is convenient and fast, something your users will appreciate.

photo_and_videos banuba video editor sdk apiBanuba Video Editor SDK allows adding pictures and videos together

Countdown Sound

This is a neat little feature that improves the timer and hands-off experience. Now the users can hear the clock ticking until the picture is taken or a recording starts, besides seeing the countdown on the screen. It makes life easier for solo creators or people who want to be included in the group photo. 

Rearranging Video Effects

If you want to add or remove certain effects or switch the order of their appearance in the UI, you can do it with Banuba Video Editor SDK v1.23. Pick and choose as you see fit.

Updated configs

There are several new things you can now do with the configs:

  • Hide gallery. Users can only edit the videos they’ve just recorded.
  • Enable/disable recording multiple clips. Transfer the users to the trimming screen after recording one video, or let them film several clips before merging them together.
  • Setting default aspect ratio (iOS only). 

Besides, version 1.23 now supports Xcode 13.4.

Bug fixes - iOS

  • Text scaling issues while editing and on export
  • Issues with Chinese characters
  • Limit the number of audio tracks the user can choose in the music browser to 1
  • Unexpected space instead of the icons after turning off the features in the camera screen
  • The next button that appears after generating a reaction, stays off while the reaction is being processed
  • Incorrect order of deleting audio streams
  • Aspects button visible after drag video part in trim screen
  • The gallery wouldn’t load after updating Gallery permissions
  • Sometimes time effects wouldn’t work when other effects are applied to the same video parts
  • Crash when adding several gifs/text after deleting one gif/text
  • Crash while rotating photo on trimmer screen
  • Crash while cutting photo on single trimmer screen
  • Wrong video split behavior

Bug fixes - Android

  • Issues with scaled text at export
  • Endless export if an issue occurs in the foreground
  • Crash on the editing screen after relaunching the app due to the player issues
  • Fix black screen on blocking/unblocking device
  • Crash and audio issues working with PIP mode
  • Crash exporting video with time effect on some Huawei devices
  • Incorrect display of the video with the clips of different aspects
  • Crash when choosing files from the Gallery after updated Gallery permission
  • On some devices, a video wouldn’t rotate on the trim screen
  • The issue with getting exported music effects data


Version 1.23 requires prior migration to 1.22. 

See the new migration guides here:

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