Video Editor SDK Release

Video Editor SDK v.1.0.16: PiP, Background Replacement, and Performance Optimization

The new version of Video SDK is now live. Our video editor now extends with new features like PiP (Picture-in-Picture) or Duet, background replacement and performance improvements. We've also made a couple of developer-friendly changes to make working with it easier. Check them out below.

Video Editor SDK Release v.1.0.16

Picture-in-picture (Duet)

With the PiP feature added to our video editor SDK, your users will be able to make videos similar to the Duets in TikTok. A great option for reaction videos, creator collabs, and other related content types. This is how it would look:

Banuba video editor sdkPicture-in-picture (duet)

Token storage on Firebase

The single token can now be stored on Firebase. This means you no longer need to update your app on app stores if your token expired and was replaced with a new one. Just upload it to Firebase and you’ll be good to go!

This is how it is done on Android and iOS.

Separate gallery module

Now you can replace the “Gallery” section of the SDK with a custom one. Feel free to experiment with designs, branding, and layout. Or leave the default version if you like it - it works perfectly well. In any case, now you have a choice. 

Video background substitution

Previously the background replacement feature only worked with pictures. Now Banuba Video Editor SDK can do it both in clips and images. Let your users get some privacy or express themselves with professional or funny backgrounds like office, beach, or the surface of the Moon. 

Customized alert styles (Android)

Various notifications from the app can now be customized the way you see fit. Whether there are certain requirements (e.g. record at least 3 seconds of video) or user input is needed, you can design these things the way you want. 


Other additions in version 1.0.16 include:

  • Support for Xcode 12.5
  • Bugfixes and performance improvements

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