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Impressive Short-Form Video Content Trends in 2024

Short-form video content is a mature way for brands to enhance promotion activities, boost brand awareness, acquire new customers organically, and get high ROI for ad campaigns.

It becomes possible as viral platforms like TikTok, Vine, and IG Reels offer companies to share their branded content with millions of users daily which comes as a growth initiative for both SMBs and large enterprises.

This tendency is expected to grow as 1 in 2 marketers planned to invest even more in creating short-form videos in 2023. (HubSpot)

So, how you can start adopting new short-form video content trends, and what strategies are yet to come? This post will guide you through the latest insights of 2024.

Latest Short-Form Video Content Trends in 2024

1. AR-Enabled Short-Form Video Content

Users get used to traditional approaches to video content and brands need to generate new ideas on how to inspire and attract a new audience. Augmented reality is the way companies can drive engagement, stand out from the crowd, and deliver a never-seen-before content experience.

AR face filters, video effects, animated backgrounds, beautification, and other solutions help brands create immersive video experiences.

AR Face Filters

Augmented reality enables companies to power their videos with real-time 3D masks and effects. Computer vision face tracking algorithms scan users’ appearances in the camera and match virtual objects to them.

The most popular filters include:

  • Real-time makeup
  • Hair coloring
  • Face morphing
  • Beautification
  • Background removal and enhancements
  • Try on solutions
  • Game filters.

Augmented reality-based filters help brands create never-seen-before short-form videos for their marketing campaigns and attract new customers with immersive experiences.

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AR Video Editor

Augmented reality allows delivering engaging video effects and TikTok-like UI to make short-form videos immersive and appealing.

Top AR video effects include:

  • Beauty effects
  • Picture-in-picture
  • Color filters (LUT)
  • Overlay text & GIFs
  • Transition effects
  • Audio editor
  • Trimming features.

AR Video Editor SDK and software enable companies and marketers to create short-form videos with multiple effects and filters in a smooth way.

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2. Behind-the-Brand Content

Users feel more engaged with brands whose CEOs are actively engaging with customers on social media. (Sprout study) This fact shows that behind-the-brand content is must-have to drive user engagement, improve customer loyalty, and even boost sales in 2024.

The driver is giving customers a personal touch to the stuff and processes that stay behind the scene. It makes consumers feel like they’re a part of your business and gives them crucial transparency into the brand they want to engage with. The more personality you integrate into short-form video content, the more loyalty and engagement you get.

The core psychological trigger here is storytelling authenticity which converts your formalized branded content into a kind of one-to-one dialogue that users and customers enjoy.

There are multiple ways to create personality-full content based on your domain:

  • Show your inventory and warehouse management processes (retail and e-commerce)
  • Make how-to videos of your products to facilitate user experience
  • Answer customers’ and users’ questions within a short-form video content
  • Navigate customers through your company’s culture and teambuilding activities.

For example. Banuba often publishes behind-the-brand teambuilding content which helps our clients dive into the human-full experience.

BanubawebBanuba's behind-the-brand content | Short-form videos

3. User-Generated Content

Branded videos and images are the main part of company-user relationships which makes it hard to stand out from the competition and win new customers. Users get used to one-fits-all marketing and advertising approaches which forces them to avoid similar content.

What’s more, users mostly spend only 2s before switching to the next short video which stimulates brands to find new ways of catching the audience’s attention. Here comes user-generated content.

First, it serves as a powerful social proof as users are more likely to buy your products or services if tried by other real customers. This shouldn’t be concerned with influencer ads (described below) as most customers want to get trustworthy testimonials and proof from other non-celebrity people.

Second, UGC short-form videos inspire trustworthiness and transparency as potential customers see there are no secrets or hidden nuances. This decreases potential risks of purchasing your goods or services for users and makes them more willing to engage with your business.

Third, user-generated content is a way to support your branded content and decrease ad campaign costs. As it takes little to no funds to be implemented, UGC perfectly supplements your branded initiatives and increases brand awareness and loyalty.

For example, GoPro’s UGC marketing campaign on Instagram. The platform offers brands to use its in-built hashtag feature and GoPro is among the most viewed examples. #GoPro has over 50M posts and millions of views that offers a win-win strategy for both the brand and customers.

gopro-ugc-campaign-short-form-video-content-trendsGoPro's UGC Campaign | Short-Form Video Content Trends

Users can get tons of new post likes and subscribers while the company gets a speaks-for-itself social proof where customers share their adventure images and tours using the GoPro products.

4. Soundless Optimization with Subtitles/Captions

The number of branded content and videos is tending to grow day by day which made it a common trend to mute speakers and scroll through the social media feed. Thus, it becomes even harder to cut through the noise and attract users’ attention.

Here comes soundless optimization by integrating subtitles to all your short-form video content which delivers almost the same experience to users compared to sound-on content.

First, customers no longer need to listen carefully to each word which increases the chances to attract attention.

Second, captions and on-screen instructions help brands deliver the right content to the target audience by analyzing key metrics of shared videos.

Third, soundless optimization helps increase the accessibility of your short-form video content as you cover more users including those who play videos without speakers.

For example, Mashable. The brand generates caption-only short-form video content to engage and reach a broader audience.

5. Influencer Short-Form Video Content Ads

As a more pricey analog to UGC, influencer marketing and video content creation is still a powerful strategy. The more native ads integration they do, the better results your brand achieves.

First, influencer short-form video content enables you to reach a broad new audience of thousands or even millions of potential customers. You can create specific content scenarios so that celebrities and bloggers integrate them into their content plans and share them natively with the audience.

Second, influencer marketing is similar to user-generated content in having the same social proof capabilities. Subscribers position their followed bloggers as a valid source of truth that drives sales for your business.

If you want to succeed with influencer marketing, follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure the influencer’s audience is one you want to target
  • Partner with celebrities that truly want to test your product and share it natively
  • Analyze existing marketing campaigns of an influencer to ensure there are no direct promotions (unless you need them).

One of the best influencer marketing examples is the partnership between Dunkin’ Donuts and Charli D’Amelio, the most followed TikTok creator. The influencer launched a #CharliXDunkinContest and the brand released a campaign-focused beverage called “The Charli.” This campaign resulted in a 57% increase in brand app downloads and a 45% cold brew sales uptake.

dunkin-donuts-influencer-ads-trendsDunkin' Donuts Influencer Ads | Short-Form Video Content

6. Explainer or How-To Short-Form Videos

Users try to avoid complex and confusing ads or video content that may overwhelm them. Instead, customers enjoy watching simple and animated content which makes their life easier without frustrations. What’s more, educational videos should leave no questions for the audience to have no doubts while purchasing your products or services.

This becomes beneficial for brands when implementing explainer and how-to videos as companies can acquire new leads. Explainer short-form videos help potential customers eliminate any doubts and questions while brands increase trust and customer loyalty.

Still, many companies avoid this content format on social media due to the number of efforts required. However, how-to videos are worth investing your time in as you can close any gaps both for informational and conversational intents.

As a result, you create a powerful educational short-form video library accessible to both existing and new leads you generate.

Here are the common tips to make your educational videos effective:

  • Add timing hyperlapse to accelerate non-critical video fragments and save users’ time
  • Be oriented to solve a specific problem or educate users instead of selling your product
  • Convert your content into a step-by-step video to eliminate any additional gaps.

For example, educational short-form video content by Tasty on BuzzFeed.

The brand shares its how-to recipes and cooking tips that frequently go viral on YouTube and general organic traffic for popular requests like ‘how to cook pasta’ and others.

7. Social Media Video Ads

Social media ads are still among the most effective marketing strategies. Brands benefit from getting thousands or millions of views along with AI-driven algorithms that help find the target audience.

Short-form video content is more effective than static images or texts as they bring engagement and are more appealing to users. Following a creative approach, you can generate tons of short videos to validate the most effective offering that resonates with your target audience.

Here are the quick tips to make your short-form video content ads effective:

Generate several creatives with different offers to validate the offering
Supplement them with subtitles/captions to reach a broader audience
Use educational and how-to videos as ad creatives as they offer value and help potential customers solve their issues.

How to Create Short-Form Videos: 3 Approaches

When it comes to building branded or UGC video content, you can leverage three approaches that include:

  • Purchase ready-made video editing software
  • Integrate ready-to-scale and AR-powered video editing SDKs
  • Build your own video editing app.


Ready-Made Video Software

Packaged solutions help create short-form videos using third-party apps that provide most features out-of-the-box. Mostly, boxed software providers offer a SaaS-based model which means you pay monthly/quarterly/annually subscription fees to access platform features.

The best off-the-shelf video editing software includes Adobe Premiere, InShot, Quick, iMovie, WeVideo, and others.

AR-Powered Video Editing SDK

If you launch a TikTok-like app, a video conferencing solution, or an e-learning platform, you need to have a powerful video editor on board. Here comes a video editor SDK which stands for a software development kit with ready-to-use modules and a solid feature set.

AR video editor SDKs help avoid integrating 3rd party solutions which may limit your controllability and scalability as you cannot fully manage the infrastructure, features, and updates.

Banuba AR Video Editor SDK is among the examples.

It enables you to power your software with AR features that let video-makers animate appearances and change backgrounds in real-time with single-click ease.

Clients choose Banuba AR Video Editor SDK for:

So, video editing SDKs help save much time and funds on developing a custom video editor from scratch which allows for creating short-form videos in a matter of hours after integration.

Build your video editing app from scratch

Custom development is a way to meet your specific needs and deliver features that resonate with your goals. In turn, you’ll need to outsource or build your in-house team of IT talents to develop a platform that takes 3-6 months and $20,000+ of investments.

Wrapping Up

Short-form video content continues to thrive and helps brands promote their products even more effectively with the latest trends. Try to implement the discussed approaches in your marketing and the success will not take long.

In case you're building an application or a platform and looking for a powerful video editing solution, just drop us a line and we'll send the trial token of our Banuba Video Editor SDK.

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  • Short-form video content is so popular as it delivers much user-oriented value to customers in a short period of time. Brands actively use short-form video content in influencer ads and social media campaigns, behind-the-brand, and user-generated content.  

  • Short-form videos are video content that lasts a range between 20onds sec and 2 minutes depending n the platform. those that, on average, range anywhere between 60 seconds and two minutes and 20 seconds. For example, Instagram allows creating 1-min short-form videos while TikTok goes beyond with up to 3-min videos.