Video Editor SDK Release

Video Editor SDK v1.25: New Rendering Engine and Ultrawide Camera Support.

The latest version of Banuba Video Editor SDK offers higher effects quality, better performance, ultrawide camera support and other benefits. Read on to find out more.

banuba video editor sdk

New Rendering Engine (iOS, Android)

Video Effects SDK from Banuba is already effective on its own, but when combined with Face AR SDK, it becomes a real powerhouse. With the support for the new rendering engine in Now the masks and filters will look even better, the performance will improve, and its longevity will be assured. 

This will be especially noticeable on iOS in the long-term, once Apple stops supporting OpenGL. But even now your users and your developers will appreciate the changes.

This addition only works if VE SDK is integrated with AR SDK. Contact the customer success team to learn more.

Ultrawide Camera Support (iOS)

If your users’ iPhones have the capability for ultrawide video recording, they would be able to do so from Banuba Video Editor. A simple pinch gesture activates this mode.

Import Progress Bar (iOS, Android)

A useful upgrade to user experience. Now people importing photos and videos will be able to see how quickly the process is going. 

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