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Vision Screening for 10,000 Kids: Eyebou Success Story

How a vision care company helped UNICEF check the eyesight of orphaned children and save orphanages 70% on medical bills.
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Eyebou is a UK-based vision care company. Today, it is a powerful player in the health technology market, offering an ophthalmological EHR, a virtual try-on solution for eyewear shops, and other related software. A few of these apps already use AR technology from Banuba. So when Eyebou decided to add a remote vision diagnostics app to their product line, the choice of technology provider was obvious.

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Eyebou offers an app that lets people check their visual acuity without going to a doctor’s office. It guides users through a series of tests to gather information and sends it to the Eyebou’s in-house medical team for review. Banuba’s camera-to-face distance measuring tool is an important part of these tests. The app helps check the eyesight, as well as diagnose other issues: cataracts, glaucoma, blepharitis, etc. 

This product is mostly aimed at corporate customers to serve as an employee perk. Office workers often have vision problems, so an easy way to catch them early would be welcome. However, it unexpectedly found another market – international humanitarian organizations. UNICEF has contracted Eyebou to make a branded version of this app for use by orphanages. 

Currently, it is a part of a program to help orphans in Colombia get the care they need and help cash-strapped shelters save money. The diagnostics are done remotely, and only the children that have any issues have to go to local clinics for prescriptions – and the orphanages have to pay only for these visits. This has shown to decrease their eye care expenses by 70%

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Why Banuba

There were compelling reasons why Eyebou contracted Banuba as its technology provider.

  • Good reputation. Banuba is known throughout the industry as a reliable company that cares about its customers and helps them succeed.
  • Advanced technology. The try-on feature is lifelike, and the distance measuring tool is very precise. 

The two core features of Banuba Face AR SDK that Eybou uses are eyewear try-on, contact lenses try-on, and face-to-camera distance measurement.

“The Banuba technology is a crucial piece of our software offering and allows us to take a complex medical process and use technology to collect this data remotely,”

Amy Fehilly, CEO, Eyebou

Eyebou - glasses prescription checkerEyebou - glasses prescription checker


The humanitarian program for vision care is going as planned, and aims to screen 10,000 children per year. The data collected in the process will be used to train an AI that will automate diagnostics, speeding up the process. Meanwhile, Eyebou has been added to the list of the United Nations Organization’s vetted suppliers, which means it can now be contracted by its other divisions.

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