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The Ultimate Guide to Product Configurators for Enhanced Customization and Customer Engagement

Today's market is increasingly competitive, but above all, it’s becoming more customer-centric. People crave personalized experiences

This is where tools like Product Configurators come into play. They enable buyers to easily and dynamically create the products of their dreams in just a few seconds, directly from the screen of their smartphone or computer. This results in a fully-customized experience that significantly boosts engagement and increases sales, all while improving processes and reducing returns.


What is a Product Configurator?

A Product Configurator is a tool that allows every aspect of a product to be customized. Choosing the material for a bag, adding a logo to a pen, printing an image on a pillow, inserting an engraving on a ring: these are just a few examples of how a configurator can be used.

Especially in the e-commerce field, a Configurator can make a big difference. It allows customers to achieve the personalized experience they are looking for in a simple way, by choosing the components of their product directly from a screen and viewing their configuration in real-time.

A good Product Configurator enables the 3D visualization of customizable products, making the shopping experience even more realistic and immersive.

E-Commerce market trends: when data speaks volumes

If you're wondering why you should implement a Configurator in your online shop, these data might answer your question:

  • According to McKinsey & Company research, 71% of customers expect to find personalization, and 76% get frustrated when they don’t find it;
  • According to XR Today, 57% of customers say they are more likely to buy from a brand that is using augmented reality (AR);
  • TechJury affirmed that 70% of consumers believe that AR can offer them benefits;
  • An initial pilot of a real-time 3D Configurator by Audi saw user engagement increase by 66%.

These are just some of the data points that prove how the world of 3D and immersive, personalized experiences are today's consumer favorites. 

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7 key benefits of implementing Product Conifgurators in e-commerce

Why your e-commerce needs a Product Configurator? Here are 7 key benefits you can’t ignore:

  • More Engagement

A Product Configurator can dramatically increase customer interaction with your website. It transforms passive browsing into an active, engaging process by allowing buyers to personalize their products. This fosters a stronger connection between your brand and your clients, encouraging them to invest more time and interest in your offerings.

  • More Time on Product Pages

The ability to customize products and play with them in real-time keeps consumers on product pages for longer. As they experiment with different options and visualize their customizations, they're more invested in the outcome. This heightened interest not only enhances the customer experience but also significantly increases the likelihood of a purchase, as customers become more attached to the products they've created.

  • Fewer Returns

The real-time and 3D visualization capabilities of a Product Configurator significantly decrease the likelihood of returns. By allowing customers to see and interact with their customized products before making a purchase, they gain a comprehensive understanding of what they're buying. This clarity ensures that the final product matches their expectations closely, leading to higher satisfaction levels and, consequently, fewer returns.

  • More Sustainability

By enabling customers to create tailor-made products and showcasing an array of product variants through 3D configurations, e-commerce platforms can significantly boost sustainability. This approach eliminates the need for physical samples, extensive photoshoots, and the production of unsold stock solely for display purposes. Merchants can instead focus on producing only what is purchased online, utilizing 3D digital models to showcase all possible variants. This leads to a 100% sell-through rate with no unsold inventory, avoiding the need for physical samples and increasing sustainability.

  • Reducing the Risk of Error

Product Configurators significantly enhance order accuracy by allowing customers to specify each customization, which is then directly integrated into the production process. This ensures precision in fulfilling orders, as buyers can only select options that are aligned with the merchant's production capabilities. This streamlined approach ensures that customers receive products that match their exact specifications, leading to improved satisfaction and loyalty, while merchants can operate confidently, knowing every order placed is within their production scope.

  • Higher Buyer Confidence, More Sales

The real-time adjustments and 3D preview provided by Product Configurators enhance buyer confidence by offering a better understanding of what customers are purchasing. As customers witness their customizations taking shape in real time, they develop a comprehensive feel for the product. This high-quality preview makes them more likely to proceed with their purchase, as the uncertainty that typically leads to cart abandonment is significantly reduced. The assurance that comes from this immersive preview experience directly translates into increased sales.

  • Reduced Lead Time

Product Configurators streamline the entire production process by enabling customers to design their dream products directly, without the need to communicate via email about desired options and customizations. This eliminates the need for the merchant's team to create mockups, as the configurator handles this in real time, allowing buyers to select options themselves. The efficiency of this system greatly accelerates the lead time, as a proficient configurator generates production-ready files that are sent directly to the back office, ensuring a seamless and expedited production process.

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Exploring industries: where do Product Configurators shine?

When discussing Product Configurators, which industries are the most involved and benefit the most?

  • Furniture: Product configurators revolutionize furniture shopping by allowing customization of materials, finishes, and sizes. This ensures the piece fits the customer's space and style, enhancing satisfaction and minimizing returns.
  • Fashion: In fashion, configurators enable personalization of colors, patterns, and sizes, making the shopping experience more inclusive and unique. This drives brand loyalty and customer engagement.
  • Jewelry: Configurators in the jewelry industry allow for the creation of unique pieces by choosing metals, stones, and designs. This level of personalization increases the emotional value and customer investment in the purchase.
  • Automotive: Automotive configurators enhance the car buying experience by offering choices in color, interior features, and performance upgrades. This customization improves satisfaction and provides insights into customer preferences.

Getting started with Product Configurators in e-commerce

Launching a Product Configurator on your e-store might be simpler than you think. Forget about high startup costs or the notion that it's only for large enterprises. With the right partner, you can make your product customizable, boosting conversion rates and minimizing waste.

How do you select the right Configurator? Although various software options exist, prioritize flexibility with limitless customization options, ease of integration with your e-commerce platform, workflows, and customer usability.

A standout example is the 3D Product Configurator from Zakeke, Partner of Banuba. This tool empowers customers to design custom products in real time, choosing components and styles while viewing their creations in 3D. No coding knowledge is needed - customers can personalize their items to the fullest, then visualize them in a 360-degree view, try them on, or place them in their actual environments using AR, all from a single platform.

The advantage of a high-quality Product Configurator like Zakeke lies in its seamless integration with your production lines, ensuring customers can only design what you're equipped to create, leading to a perfect sell-through rate. It supports even the most complex configurations, allowing for quote requests and instant receipt.

Worries about cost and integration complexities are unfounded with Zakeke’s pay-as-you-grow pricing model and easy, no-code setup with major e-commerce systems and third-party applications.

Are you ready to boost conversions, reduce returns, and eliminate the hassle of physical samples? The time has come to join the Visual Commerce revolution!

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