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Face AR for Driving User Engagement: FaceYoga Success Story

How a company uses Face AR to attract, retain, and motivate users of its self-care app.


Mental Growth is a Cyprus-based company that focuses on keeping people’s minds and bodies in shape. Meditation, sleep, workouts, and dieting - Mental Growth has apps for that. 

In 2021 they approached Banuba with a request. They were working on FaceYoga, their latest product dedicated to building and maintaining healthy facial muscles and skin. The app needed something that would attract the users and motivate them to exercise. A realistic “before-after” experience would do this job perfectly. And Banuba had just the right technology to make it possible.


The app offers facebuilding programs custom-tailored to each individual. To pick the right one, FaceYoga analyzes the person’s face via the camera and then lets the user see the results of regular training over 7 and 28 days. Toned muscles, fewer wrinkles, no eye bags - a pretty attractive proposition. This is done before making an offer to buy the subscription so that the person knows what they are going to pay for. 

Once the user becomes the customer, they gain access to the daily exercise plan that will help them achieve their facebuilding goals. 

At the core of the “before-after” feature lies Banuba Face AR SDK. It provides the beautification functionality that is paramount for showing the improvements the user will get. However, it is capable of much more: whitening teeth and scleras, applying virtual makeup, changing the color of hair and eyes, etc. And that’s just the beautification part.

Banuba also changed an effect to better fit the customer’s design vision. The face scan effect at the beginning of the “before-after” process is a custom mask.


Why Banuba

Mental Growth had several compelling reasons to stick with Banuba:

  • Good documentation. The workings of the Face AR SDK are well documented, which made working with it easier for the Mental Growth devs.
  • Source code on GitHub. If the client’s team needed to customize something, they could always find the code samples and the source code to do everything faster.
  • Performance and stability. Banuba Face AR SDK runs great, without FPS drops, stuttering, or other drawbacks.
  • No overheating. The SDK could work for a long time without overheating the device and making it inconvenient for the users.

“Working with Banuba’s product was a real pleasure. With it, we have made our app much more attractive to users,” Sergei Kushnarenko, co-founder of FaceYoga by Mental Growth.


FaceYoga launched in April of 2021. Since the addition of AR functionality in September of the same year, the owners noted the increase in the average length of sessions, higher user retention, and better engagement. At the moment, it has over 20K downloads and a respectable 4.2 out of 5 rating on AppStore. 

Given the impressive results Banuba Face AR SDK gave, Mental Growth now thinks about using similar augmented reality features in their other products.

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