Video Editor SDK Release

Video Editor SDK v1.22: Improved Trimming, QHD Support, and Analytics for Everyone

With the latest update to Banuba Video Editor SDK, it is easier to film quality videos, modify them, and track their performance.

Banuba Video Editor SDK

Pinch to change trimmer scale

Now the users can pinch the screen to change the scale of the trimmer.

Trimmer scale. Banuba Video Editor

This is a small but convenient addition to the feature set. People using your Banuba-powered app will surely appreciate it.

QHD support

Now your users will be able to film and export in even higher resolution. With QHD support, the videos can be shot in 2560x1440 pixels at a 16x9 aspect ratio. Such content will look great on screens of any size, from smartphones to large TVs.

Video analytics for all

Once the video is exported, you will be able to receive a report containing the following information:

  1.  Video duration
  2.  Effects used
  3.  Resolution
  4.  Number of videos used to create the resulting video
  5.  Whether the video was taken from a gallery or shot from your app

Bug fixes


  • Fix blinking icons on the editor screen
  • Fix blurred background image shown during importing and exporting videos
  • Fix not shown video thumbnail on start to edit text effects
  • Fix black screen on blocking/unblocking device


  • Fix delegate name conflicts.
  • Fix configuration for the gallery.
  • Customize the animation for closing the video editor.
  • Fix configuration for slideshow duration.
  • Fix configuration for the pip.
  • Fix the crash when access to the camera or microphone is denied.
  • Add the logic for the appearance of requests for access to the gallery.
  • Fix the configuration of aspects and drafts.

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