Video Editor SDK Release

Video Editor SDK v1.32.0: Soundstripe Integration and Touch-Up Intensity Adjustment

The new version of Video Editor SDK offers a second native music provider integration, more flexible face touch-up, and other useful upgrades.

Soundstripe integration

Banuba Video Editor SDK used to only have native integration with one royalty-free music provider – Mubert. Now it also supports Soundstripe, giving you and your users a wider choice of available tracks.

Touch-up intensity

We have implemented a new convenient effect and view control that lets you specify how much face touch-up do you want in a video. A user only needs to adjust a slider to change the intensity of the effect.

Face AR SDK 1.9.0+ support

Video Editor SDK v1.32.0 can be easily integrated with Face AR SDK version 1.9.0, as well as its 1.9.1 minor release.

Links as overlay

Now your users will be able to place links in their videos using a text overlay. To do so, they need to type or paste pure internet link i.e. HTTP and HTTPS schemes are supported.

Core updates

  • All SDK modules migrated to View Binding (Android)
  • Removed module banuba-token-storage-sdk (Android)

Migration guides:

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