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15 Best Photo Booth Apps in 2024

In 1889 a sophisticated apparatus for automatic photography first appeared. Nowadays, the photo booth business is worth $645 million and growing at a CAGR of 9.5%. Almost 75% of people are more likely to attend events with such devices. These portable tools can fit in a suitcase, and a photo booth app can be installed on almost any device with a camera. But as a business owner, how do you choose the perfect fit for your needs? We have selected 15 photo booth apps with diverse features, operating on various platforms to help you find the best photo booth app.

While purchasing and installing a premade app is always a great option, in some cases, software needs to be designed from scratch to cater to specific needs and requirements. This is when software development kits like Face AR SDK by Banuba come into play. Banuba’s solution features a wide range of photo booth tools for a versatile experience:

  • face filters and AR masks
  • face touch-up
  • background removal
  • triggers and AR games
  • touchless user interface
  • etc.

Face AR is Banuba’s proprietary technology. With over 7 years of augmented reality experience and expertise, Banuba created a powerful face alternating tool. Face AR kit for photo booths runs on all major platforms and supports all cameras, providing augmented reality features for photo booth apps. Explore the wide range of opportunities Banuba offers by claiming your 14-day free trial.

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What Is A Photo Booth App?

From a bulky stationary device with a built-in camera, a photo booth has transformed into a software solution used in tandem with additional equipment for capturing photos and video — a tripod, LED circle lights, or a platform for capturing images in a 360-degree perspective.

However, the contemporary device and software is more than that. The main trick lies precisely in the application, which allows you to turn a visit to absolutely any event into a memorable experience without the help of professional photographers.

The photo booth app integrates with the device's camera hardware to capture photos or videos. It accesses camera settings such as focus, exposure, white balance, flash, and resolution to ensure optimal image quality. The app includes a library of filters, effects, stickers, frames, and text overlays that users can apply to their photos. Users can preview and select from these effects in real-time or during post-processing to enhance the appearance of their photos.

Basic editing tools such as cropping, resizing, rotating, and adjusting brightness or contrast may be available within the app. Users can fine-tune their photos to achieve the desired look before sharing or exporting them. Once photos are captured and edited, users can share them directly from the app to social media platforms, messengers, or email. Alternatively, users can export their photos to the device's gallery or print.

Advanced apps may include analytics and insights to track user engagement, session duration, feature usage, and social media sharing patterns. This data provides valuable insights for business owners to understand and optimize their photo booth experience over time.

Just as it can be an entertaining attraction for events like a wedding, a corporate party, or a friends gathering, a device with an app can be a strong marketing tool and customer acquisition source for companies. For example, at the launch of the Gemma Collins collection for New Look, the 360-degree device allowed customers to capture their best moves wearing the new outfits. Sharing images online helped boost brand awareness and create lots of buzz on social media platforms.

Best Photo Booth App — Features to Suit Your Business

What distinguishes the best photo booth app from its competitors? Obviously, the features it offers and the simplicity of its usage. Let's review the must-have functionality to expect from these apps.

User Friendliness

The user interface (UI) is the gateway to the photo booth experience. A well-designed UI should be intuitive, visually appealing, and easy to navigate. Elements such as clear icons, descriptive labels, and logical layout contribute to a seamless user experience, allowing guests to effortlessly explore the app's features and capture moments without confusion or frustration right from the start screen.

Face Tracking

Face tracking enables proper element placement on the person's face. With the abundance of filters, animated GIFs, and custom templates, the implementation of this technology is crucial for high-quality overlays and images.

In order to ensure a smooth experience for your users, it is important to use a top-quality technology. Banuba’s Face AR SDK features a proprietary face tracking system that allows for precise effects placement and sustainable performance – the masks stay on even if the user tilts or turns their head to the side. The technology is supported on multiple platforms and even works offline so nothing can stop your photo booth users from having an unforgettable experience. Get your free 14-day trial of Banuba SDK to see all features and opportunities.


Capture Modes

Offering a variety of capture modes caters to diverse preferences and occasions. Single shot mode is ideal for capturing individual moments or portraits, while burst mode enables users to capture multiple pictures in quick succession, perfect for action shots or group photos. GIF mode adds an element of fun by creating animated sequences, while video mode allows users to record short video clips to capture dynamic moments.

Gesture Recognition

COVID-19 unlocked the new fear of touching surfaces. Gesture recognition allows a safe and fun way of interacting with a photo booth app. Besides, it eliminates the pain of reaching for the button or staying frozen in the same pose until the timer activates.

Background Removal and Green Screen

Background replacement and green screen technology empowers users to unleash their creativity by changing backdrops to custom images, graphics, or virtual scenes. Whether transporting users to exotic destinations, placing them in whimsical settings, or branding photos with corporate logos, this feature adds a layer of personalization and excitement to captured moments.

Banuba Face AR SDK offers the background removal feature for a variety of uses, including photo booth software. With precise face and body segmentation, as well as quality background replacement, Banuba’s solution makes for an all-inclusive program that can power diverse photo booth experiences. Face AR SDK is quick and easy to add into your existing software or makes for a hustle-free option when developing a program from scratch. Banuba offers a 14-day free trial where you can explore all of the SDK’s opportunities and see exactly how it will benefit you. Claim your free trial token or experience Banuba Web AR in your browser.

Offline Mode

Offline mode ensures uninterrupted enjoyment of the photo booth experience, even in environments with limited or no internet connectivity. By implementing essential features on the device itself, users can continue to capture, customize, and share photos without reliance on an internet connection, making the app versatile and reliable for events or gatherings in remote locations.


Basic data collection provides valuable insights into user behavior, session engagement, and feature usage. The photo booth app can empower users to optimize their experience, tailor content to audience preferences, and measure the success of events or marketing campaigns by tracking metrics such as session duration, popular filters or effects, and social sharing patterns.

Creative Effects and Visual Overlays

Offering diverse creative effects, customizable templates, stickers, frames, texts, and animated overlays allows users to add personal touches and express their unique style in captured photos. Whether embellishing pictures with whimsical stickers, framing memories with decorative borders, or conveying messages with customized text, these features enhance creativity and individuality, making each photo a work of art.

A brand can offer unique, customizable templates dedicated to the event's theme to enhance the brand's recognition due to social sharing. Software developers like Banuba offer ready-made assets that can be easily customized to match your event theme. Banuba’s Asset Store features 1100+ effects, masks, and filters to ensure all users will find something they like.

Social Sharing and Exporting

The whole idea of photo booth apps for companies is not only to provide guests with an instrument for obtaining pictures but also to enhance brand awareness and customer acquisition on social media platforms. When people share photos and videos online, they attract new audiences. High-quality prints also boost brand recognition. They can turn people into your loyal customers.


Watermarking features allow users to protect their images with personalized branding, copyright information, or promotional messages. By embedding visible or invisible watermarks into photos, users can safeguard their creative content, assert ownership, and enhance professionalism, whether sharing photos online, printing physical copies, or using them for commercial purposes. The unlimited custom text feature can also help companies with branding and recognition online.

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Best Photo Booth Apps

Finally, let's dive into the selection of software solutions that will help you find the best photo booth app to match your business. For your convenience, we have chosen apps that can function on various platforms — from Apple and Android devices to cross-platform applications that boast high user friendliness and unique features.

Spark Booth

Spark Booth operates on MacOS and Windows and is compatible with DSLR cameras. The free version is valid for 30 days, with watermarks applied to each image. The basic features allow users to create and edit the layouts, share the pictures with friends, and print them out. The Spark Booth App also has an offline mode. The premium features include a green screen, animated GIFs and stickers, and drawing on the image.

DSLR Booth App

DSLR Booth is a Windows, iPhone, and iPad app with a user-friendly interface and compatibility with DSLR cameras. It can easily replace professional photographers at events. Guests can record videos, 360s, GIFs, slo-mo, and, obviously, take pictures. The editing features are not so diverse. However, there is a beautifying black-and-white filter and a green screen.


TouchPix is an Apple and Android app that you can connect to DSLR and GoPro cameras. The application is available for monthly and yearly subscriptions. You just have to download the app from the App Store or Play Market, scan the QR code, and use the device's lenses or connect extra cameras. It features background replacement, over 60 filters and 300 overlays, and six modes of capturing content. Its user-friendly interface and Internet-free sharing can create a carefree atmosphere at any event.

iOS Only Photo Booth Apps

Let's explore Apple photo booth apps that operate only on iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices.

Salsa Booth

Salsa Booth is an iPad photo booth app with built-in filters, image overlays, and a design studio to create custom templates. The app is AirPrint-friendly and compatible with DSLR cameras. Salsa Booth unique features include streaming the slideshow and video on any TV device or web browser to make the events more personalized for the guests.


Booth.Events is another iPad app compatible with Sony, Canon, and Nikon. An event holder can control the software from the web browser — from designing the templates and white-labeling to privacy settings and iPad app appearance. The company also offers three free events as a free trial period to make sure the app suits your business needs.


Snappic is a powerful and fun app for an iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Its VideoFX feature distinguishes it from other photo booths and allows guests to experiment with videos during events. Besides, the app offers an interactive competition mode, allows users to hold surveys, enables data collection, and offers a library of filters and overlays.


WiFiBooth is one of the free photo booth apps for iOS available on the app store. The software works without an Internet connection and has many stickers and background templates. Users can connect to a real camera or a remote iPhone, and printing, exporting, and sharing are just a few clicks away. Besides, companies can leverage the branding option to watermark the content from events.

Simple Booth — HALO Photo Booth App

Simple Booth introduced its HALO — compact hardware with iPad software to turn any event into an unforgettable and fun experience. It takes less than 1 minute to set up, and the intuitive app features social sharing, editing, branding, data capture and analytics, and online galleries. The Simple Booth app is priced separately from the HALO hardware.

Mini Photobooth

The Mini Photobooth app is a fun and free solution for holding events and personal use. This photo booth app offers a library of over 60 templates, stickers, 120 fonts, and an editor menu to personalize the templates and designs. The latter is only available in the even mode and is priced additionally.

 Photo Booth 101

This company is a match if you have dreamt of starting a photo booth business. It sells a starter kit with hardware and a trial of its software with training courses and video. The app offers basic functions and allows quick and easy export and print. The company has a supportive community and offers guides and studying materials on succeeding in this industry. 

Darkroom Booth

Darkroom Booth sells dedicated software for photo booths and iPad booths for an event of any complexity level. The Darkroom Booth App includes all capabilities and management instruments for creating custom layouts and templates and developing branded watermarks. The app boasts built-in printer drivers and is compatible with cameras, simplifying the setup process.

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Photo Booth Apps for Windows

If you are not a macOS fan, the following four photo booths are just for you.

Photo Booth Upload

PBU is among the most powerful Windows photo booths. Its app boasts generative AI filters with built-in masks and allow guests to give prompts on creating unique and whimsical images. The software has seven capture modes and a library with video and photo filters. PBU cherishes privacy. Therefore, it adheres to high privacy measures.

Social Booth

With support for Canon DSLR, Powershot, and Webcam, Social Booth offers a range of features, including photo and video capture, slow motion, filters, green screen removal, and GIFs. Guests can easily share their creations via email, social media, SMS, and more. The software also includes surveys, customizable templates, and integration for contests and coupons. With features like light painting and Marryoke, it's perfect for any event.

Breeze Booth

Breeze Booth App is compatible with cameras and offers contactless interaction. Its wide selection of GIFs, filters, masks, and layouts will satisfy even real photo pros. The app allows holding surveys and competitions and exporting the collected data into XML. The payment integration function makes it a great choice for fairs.

Photo Booth Apps for Android Devices

When it comes to native Android apps, the choice is limited.

Photobooth Mini

Photobooth Mini (not to mix up with Mini Photobooth App) is a simple yet functional Android application with over 50 photomontage options. Users can download and share their images and video clips and apply various stickers and filters. Photobooth Mini App comes in free and premium versions, varying mainly by the number of downloads and the quality of support.

Finding the best photo booth app for your business relies on understanding the needs and ways of reaching the desired KPIs. Sometimes, when off-the-shelf apps don't fit the bill, developing your own software may be a viable option. The market offers a variety of software development kits that allow business owners to build an app that meets their requirements and needs perfectly. Banuba's Face AR, for one, offers various features for photo booths, such as face filters, touch-up, background removal, and AR games. Developed over 7 years, Face AR is Banuba's own technology, compatible with all major platforms and cameras. Try it out with a 14-day free trial to see how it can enhance your photo booth experience.

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Cross-platform AR Software Kit for Photo Booth Apps

Cross-platform photo booth apps are a versatile solution that works on various platforms and allows pretty easy integration.

Banuba AR Photo Booth Software

The Banuba photo booth app is a versatile solution powered by patented AR technologies. It offers over 1000 built-in themes and filters and lets up to 16 people try on various effects on one image. Users can share photos or export them in a few clicks.

Unique features include engaging games controlled by facial expressions and hand gestures for a truly memorable experience at any event — from a wedding to a corporate fair.

Its built-in features include:

  • fun and detailed masks and filters with full or partial face coverage;
  • beautifying and glow-up filters to hide possible imperfections with customizable templates to control the level of intensity and combine several effects on one image;
  • virtual backgrounds with animated GIFs, green screen, and 3D environments;
  • fun games with animated overlays controlled by facial expressions.

Users can combine different filters and experiment with their appearance. Besides, Banuba offers a high level of personalization, providing custom templates and new features based on client's needs.

The Banuba photo booth app works on all platforms and with all cameras, offering a quick and easy integration. Its user-friendly interface, combined with face and gesture tracking, guarantees a fun and engaging customer experience.

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