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300K Installs: How Banuba Video Editor & Face AR Drives Engagement

Learn how we helped Sloy, the social fashion app, disrupt the industry with AR-powered face filter SDK.

About Sloy

The app allows users to create short videos with automatically recognized tags for items of clothing and share them in the app.

Users can record 90-second videos in any genre, from fashion to unboxing.

Also, the app allows using video editing tools, filters, masks, special effects, and music tracks before uploading the videos.

What's more, Sloy lets people follow other users or brands by choosing them from their personalized recommended content feed.

Sloy-results-face-filters-sdkSloy Results | Face Filter SDK

Despite a solid background of Sloy engineers, the management team wanted to empower app with advanced AR features.

After testing dozens of AR face filter SDKs, the team chose Banuba.

Our AR Video Editor and Face Filters SDK helped to implement the AR-powered video editor right in the app.

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Why Banuba AR Software

After testing multiple providers, owners Sloy chose Banuba AR software for the next reasons:

  • Our Face AR platform enables the most versatile facial augmented reality experiences ensuring the quick scalability of AR video editor features. 
  • We have hands-on experience in face filter app development and were able to bring in our expertise in filter best practices. 
  • Our in-house R&D department backs unique technology or feature development per the client’s request keeping the united ecosystem without the need for 3rd party software.
  • We provide the broadest device coverage ensuring the maximum user outreach and quality AR app experience on any platform.


Among the core AR video editor features, we have empowered Sloy with the next solutions:

  • AR effects and face filters applied in real-time and to photos and videos
  • Color filters applied together with face filters 
  • Video post-processing effects (multiple effects can be added by tap-and-hold to different parts of one video)
  • Face beautification option to auto-enhance user appearance
  • Trimming and concatenating videos
  • Photo or video mode
  • Video exporting or sharing to Sloy and other social networks
  • Sound mixing

Face filters in AR video editor SloyAR video editor with masks and effects

With Sloy’s video editor, users can try on a variety of AR effects, filters, and masks in real-time or on photos or videos, from realistic glasses and accessories to sophisticated art-like fashion masks.

We’ve added a collection of color filters that users can apply on top of face filters.

Color filters personalize the AR mask experience, allowing each user to choose their favorite color and take a unique photo or video.

The AR video editor has a built-in library of video post-processing effects.

Users can trim and concatenate recorded videos and enhance them by applying a variety of styling camera filters.

They include color correction, retro style, changing lighting, and much more.

This way, each video comes unique and of a high quality inspiring self-expression and creativity in use

Sloy App


Sloy became a popular TikTok-like app inspiring users to create, share, and promote their content.

The key client's results include:

  • Full-fledged AR video editor with intuitive editing tools, masks, and camera effects
  • Possibility to quickly scale the app by accessing other Face AR platform features. 
  • 40 unique AR masks and effects (growing) that democratize video content creation and engage users. 
  • Over 20,000 app installs in 3 months
  • Increased user engagement and average session time.


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How AR Disrupts the Fashion World

Today hundreds of bloggers with million-strong audiences on other social platforms contribute their content to the app.

AR apps like Sloy that feature a strong and active community open new markets and growth points for brand advertising targeted to young audiences. 

This concept brings the opportunity to not only follow fashion trends on social media but also explore the world of style with an AR-enabled app. AR apps will also open a new market for brand advertising targeted to young audiences in digital reality 

Daniil Trabun, head of Sloy.

Sloy’s video editor is a great tool to inspire creativity and self-expression in users.

It's intuitive and easy to use with all the effects enabled by a tap, so anyone can become a fashion influencer creating and sharing video content.

The fashion industry is actively adopting augmented reality, and we’re thrilled to see that our Face AR SDK enables such projects like Sloy

Dmitry Ogievich, CEO of Banuba.

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