Video Editor SDK Release

Video Editor SDK v1.21: Splitting, Lip Sync Speed Changes, and More Customization

Banuba Video Editor SDK keeps gaining more features and becomes even more convenient for users, as well as developers. This release includes the “split” function, new lip sync recording options, and extended export parameters. Not to mention the usual performance improvements and bug fixes.

Banuba Video Editor SDK split function

Video splitting

With this feature, a user can cut a video into two parts - and repeat until satisfied. The pieces can then be rearranged. This is how it works in practice.

split-gif_1Banuba VE SDK: video splitting feature

The “split” button is located on the trimmer screen alongside “rotate”, “trim”, and “delete”. Your users will surely appreciate this addition, as it allows them to create content much faster.

Launch from the video editor screen

Now you have another potential entry point to the video editing functionality. Before you could direct your users to the “camera”, “trimmer” or “drafts” screens. Since 1.21, people can also start from the video editor screen. See the example below.

launch-gif_1Banuba VE SDK: new launch screen option

Lip sync video editing

Banuba Video Editor SDK now allows for better lip sync video editing. The new addition allows users to film themselves in slo-mo while slowing down the song accordingly. When played, the track is at a normal speed while the video seems sped-up. This adds another opportunity for creative self-expression.

New export parameters

We have added more options for exported videos. Firstly, your users will be able to stretch the video to fit the screen size. This will let them get rid of black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. 

fit1Banuba VE SDK: fit screen option on

Secondly, they will be able to keep the original resolution of the video. 

fit2Banuba VE SDK: fit screen option off


The team has done good work improving the performance of the SDK: 

  • Increased the speed at which Mubert (natively supported royalty-free music provider) generates tracks. 
  • Improved export performance for videos that have AR masks (on Android). It is now up to 60% better!
  • Lightweight LUTs (Android). The size of Android version of the SDK decreased by 4,8 MBs thanks to shrinking the color filters.

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