Face AR SDK Release

Face AR SDK v0.35: Improved Neural Networks For Animated Backgrounds & Hair Segmentation

We’re delighted to announce the release of Face AR SDK v0.35! Our background segmentation neural networks can now function on desktop devices. We've also made changes to hair segmentation networks to help developers implement the latter's functionality on Windows OS devices. Explore these and other changes in our latest blog post and don't hesitate to get in touch for a free trial of our SDK.

Face AR SDK v0.35

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New Background Segmentation Neural Networks On Desktop Devices

Background segmentation used in videos has lately become a must-have feature. Face tracking applications that employ our SDK can carry out background segmentation with stable performance on mid-level iOS and Android devices. 

With Face AR SDK release version 0.35, developers can animate and replace backgrounds in videos on desktop devices. This change now makes the background subtraction feature truly cross-platformed.

At the moment, we're focused on improving the functionality of tracking the human's body movements even further, ensuring that the person's hands would not be cropped in a video while the background subtraction effect is being applied. So, keep an eye on the updates!

Background segmentation technology supports devices running on:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • macOS
  • Windows (Desktop)
  • Unity

Face-AR-SDK-version-0-35-Background-segmentation-technology-demoFace AR SDK version 0.35: Background segmentation technology demo

Hair Segmentation Support For Windows OS 

We've also updated the functionality of our hair segmentation neural networks. Hair recoloring can now be implemented on devices running Windows OS thanks toTFLite inference.

By taking advantage of our hair segmentation technology, developers can excite users with realistic virtual hair dying experiences. Apart from Windows OS, our technology can also work on mobile, ensuring your app stays lightweight and functions well both on iOS and Android devices. 

Face-AR-SDK-Hair-segmentation-technology-demoFace AR SDK. Hair segmentation technology demo.

New API To Dynamically Set Different AR Effects In Video Files

The release of Face AR SDK v.035 introduced a new API which developers can utilize to select animated backgrounds, AR face filters, or 3D masks and easily match them with a video file from the device's memory.

Other improvements:

  • WebAR: Our SDK will now throw an exception if the effect’s underlying source is not a .zip archive
  • Initial support of Apple M1
  • Support of non-ASCII symbols in file paths 
  • Stripping of unnecessary symbols on macOS.
  • Removing an unnecessary subset of data from the OpenCV library on macOS
  • Removing Metal delegate from TFLite 2.4.1 on macOS
  • ARKit face tracking disabled by default

Fixed issues:

  • WebAR: Firefox video processing issue
  • Android: Orientation fixes
  • Android: Sound issues and minor improvements
  • Unity: iOS plugin size decreased by 300 megabytes.