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1 Million MAUs in 2 Years for a SaaS Fandom Platform

How Banuba powered live chat for b.stage and helped it connect stars and their fans.

Key takeaways

  • b.stage is a SaaS solution for managing global audiences
  • Banuba provides beauty effects and face filters for its live streaming and video chat
  • In two years, b.stage surpassed 1 million monthly active users from 224 countries


bemyfriends is a Korean-based global fandom business company. With comprehensive domain expertise and know-how, it offers solutions and services that help K-POP artists, brands, and creators worldwide connect closely with their fans and monetize through various business offerings. bemyfriends’ flagship product, b.stage, is a SaaS solution for the global fandom business. Anyone with supporters around the world can build their platform powered by b.stage and communicate directly with their audience in their unique way.

In the fandom business, real-time live communication is the most important factor, and to maximize fans' reactions, bemyfriends needed technological innovation in live interaction. Banuba was ready to provide. 

bemyfriends 2@2xContent feed from a celebrity on b.stage


b.stage supports direct communication between artists and fandoms. Its features include:

  • Official membership service
  • Content management
  • Community building
  • Global eCommerce
  • Live streaming
  • 1:1 chats
  • b.stage Owners: T1 (eSports Team), Sentinels (eSports Team), Hwasa, I.M (MonstaX), KISS OF LIFE, H1-KEY, Chungha, and more.

The platform's client list is extensive and includes well known actors, bands, performers and eSports teams: T1, Sentinels, Hwasa, I.M (MonstaX), KISS OF LIFE, H1-KEY, Chungha, and more.

Banuba technologies enhances the live streaming and chat features of b.stage. Filters and effects improve engagement and create a better connection between stars and their fans. In particular, the use of face touch-up and 3D masks helps maintain celebrity image while keeping the audience excited.

bemyfriends 1@2xStar page on b.stage

Why Banuba

Among all the competitors, b.stage developers chose Banuba for several reasons:

    • Natural-looking touch-up. Beauty effects help users look their best without blurring the texture of the skin.
    • Wide range of masks and effects. Banuba offers around 1000 ready-made masks and filters and an option to create custom ones.
    • Responsive support. The development team was quick to respond to questions and helped ensure that all augmented reality features work smoothly.

"As a leading company in the fandom tech era, we are making significant efforts to enhance the communication experience of global fans. We are pleased to partner with Banuba to bring greater enjoyment to fandoms with high-quality videos. We will continue to do our best to provide reliable services to global fandoms." - Junki Kim, CPO and co-founder of bemyfriends


On May 14 2024, b.stage announced that it has surpassed 1 million monthly active users (MAUs). The achievement comes two years after its official launch in April 2022. Moreover, users from 224 countries around the world have visited fandom spaces built with b.stage, demonstrating how the company is strengthening its position as the undisputed global audience management solution.

Now b.stage is quickly becoming the preferred fandom business infrastructure for the K-Pop and broader entertainment industries, with a significant presence in Korea, the U.S., and Japan. With over 130 customers globally, the company is expanding rapidly and extending its business model beyond K-POP and entertainment to include celebrities like esports, actors, and content creators.

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