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How FaceAR Drives Sales In Retail & eCommerce [Whitepaper]

Augmented Reality (AR) product experiences are heading for the mainstream. Leading retailers are successfully using Face AR technology to give consumers innovative ways to try on and experience products using cameras.

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At Banuba we explore today's possibilities for Face AR, its future and the implications for e-commerce and retail. We also include groundbreaking case studies in Face AR commerce, with examples of our approach and high standards.

Download our whitepaper and learn how the Face AR experiences transform the retail and eCommerce sectors.

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AR shopping trends in 2019

In 2019 we are seeing some interesting trends that may help us get a glimpse of the future consumer and the role of AR. With the rapid adoption of AR, cameras will become the key touchpoint for every part of shopping.

Augmented commerce today

The global success of Snapchat and now TikTok have shown a tremendous interest in AR applications among people. The shopping sector is one of the first to transform AR from a gimmick into something genuinely useful.

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Face AR technology, explained

Brands build mobile and web apps from scratch or integrate Face AR into their existing apps using our suite of development tools. This lets them introduce real-time AR shopping for customers. Explore Face AR software possibilities in try-on apps and AR store mirrors.

How Face AR addresses challenges and drives sales

Lack of personalization, product returns, dropping product conversion rate and the problems of attracting younger ‘Generation Z’ consumers are just some of the challenges retailers can meet using Face AR technology.

The best Face AR examples in eCommerce and retail

Brands actively embracing augmented reality technology have already seen a measurable positive affect.

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